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Balforth's Avatar Balforth 03:52 AM 08-05-2012
So I went to BB to purchase the 1713 new for $450, but when I got in the store they had just put out the new models on the floor and were selling the old floor models on clearance. They had the 2112CI normally at $650, on clearance for $450, and with an additional 10% discount for being an open item, so I ended up getting it for $400.

I did my homework on the 1713, but didn't know anything about the 2112 and wasn't sure that just because I went up a model number if this receiver still got as good of reviews and performed as well. Did I make a smart buy?
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jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 04:09 AM 08-05-2012
Depends on your feature and input requirements as audio fidelity wise they both use the same version of Audyssey MultEQ XT so should sound the same. Although the 1713 is only 5.1 with Zone 2 pre-outs, it features a front HDMI jack as well as being able to play an Airplay source independently to Zone 2. The 2112CI is a 7.1 AVR with Zone 2 pre-outs and comes with a 3rd year of warranty. The 10W power difference between the two models is moot. Review the first few posts in each of the XX12 and XX13 Owner's threads linked in my sig to learn more what each model offers.
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