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financethis's Avatar financethis 08:58 AM 09-15-2012

i have a typical a/v reciver. 5.1 marantz nr1402.

here is my problem and looking for solution.

it only has one rca subwoofer output.

i have tried the y splitter and that work, but i lose volume.

i have 3 subwoofer amps, i want to run off that single rca subwoofer output. my subwoofer amps i am using dont have a output on them s that i could run into one an feed into another.

youmy ask why do i have and or need 3 different amps.
i have one for my subwoofer and 2 amps for buttkickers.

was kinda looking at one of these.

worried that this may lose some of the low end hertz. but then again it may work better splitters.

but then again i may have to use spliters to convert stereo back to mono on those outputs.

i want somthing that keeps the signal strong and not lose the low end

SO is there something better i could get or that you know of???

anybody ever have this problem?

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 11:16 AM 09-15-2012
Most folks just use "Y" splitters for multiple subs. Can't you just raise the sub amp volume if you want it louder?
financethis's Avatar financethis 03:15 PM 02-16-2013

art clean box pro

would this work for my problem of spilting rca signals?
each time signal is split it gets a little weaker

both of my buttkicker amps have either a mono rca input or 1/4 jack
Knucklehead90's Avatar Knucklehead90 03:19 PM 02-16-2013
Go into setup in your Denon and kick up the volume trim for the sub out jack. This increases the gain to the amp for your sub and the butt-kickers.
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