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batpig 09-18-2012 04:49 PM

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The new flagship Denon AVR 4520CI is hitting the streets soon, and with the manual now available it is time to start the official thread!









* 9 channels of amplification, rated at 150W/ch (8 ohms, 0.05% THD)
* Expandable to 11 channels with the addition of external amps
* 6 rear HDMI inputs + 1 front HDMI input
* 3 HDMI outputs - 2 for Main Zone + 1 matrix output for Zone 4
* Component video output to Zone 2 and Zone 3 (assignable)
* Audyssey MultEQ XT32 + SubEQ HT room correction
* Audyssey Dynamic Volume + Dynamic EQ
* Audyssey DSX and DTS Neo:X for 11 channel surround expansion
* The first receiver with Audyssey LFC (low frequency containment)
* 4-port ethernet hub built-in
* HDMI InstaPrevue allows simultaneous PIP viewing of multiple HDMI sources
* Upgrade 32/192 DAC's, and all processing is 32-bit

batpig 09-18-2012 04:50 PM

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What's the difference between the 4311ci and the 4520ci? Is it worth the extra for the newer 4520ci model?

In terms of "the basics" they are VERY similar -- similar overall array of inputs/outputs, same XT32 + SubEQ room calibration software, 9 amp channels with basically the same amp section, Audyssey DSX with 11ch expansion, etc.... they both have 6 rear + 1 front HDMI input with dual outputs for Main Zone, 3 component video inputs with 1 output for Main Zone, 7.1ch EXT IN analog inputs, full 11.2ch pre-outs, Phono input, two 12v trigger outs, 2 optical and 2 coax digital audio inputs, etc.

You can basically assume sound quality is close to identical!

Really, very little was taken away vs. the 4311, so the question is do you want to pay extra for the new feature additions?

- Zone 4 HDMI matrix output
- Component video output to Zone 2 and Zone 3 (4311 can only output comp video to Main Zone)
- Audyssey LFC
- DTS Neo:X if you want an alternative to DSX for 11ch expansion
- InstaPrevue
- 4-port ethernet hub
- More amp assign options plus the "custom" free assign mode
- Upgrade to 32/192 DAC's (and corresponding upgrades to AL32 processing and DDSC-HD32 circuitry)
- 4k video passthrough support and 4k upscaling
- AirPlay built in (no upgrade needed) and Spotify and Sirius/XM available as network streaming sources
- AirPlay can be played to Zone 2/3 independently from Main Zone (although there is still an initial "hijack" when you start Airplay)
- Network audio supports 192/24 FLAC and WAV streams
- Front HDMI input is MHL certified
- New GUI (also will overlay on 3D sources, the 4311 can't overlay graphics on 3D video)
- New front panel aesthetics, and 1" taller than the 4311
- Composite inputs are now fully assignable

So what's the *downside* to the 4520 vs the 4311?

- the extra money (duh)
- the change in DenonLink hardware, which doesn't afford backwards compatibility for the older DenonLink ethernet type cable
- no more S-Video inputs (sorry LaserDisc fan!)
- the front panel display only has one set of channel lights, which can be configured as either input channels or output channels
- the 2CH Direct/Stereo custom settings can ONLY be used if you physically have a separate set of "B" dedicated 2CH speakers

More details on some of the most interesting new features:

* A dizzying array of twelve AMP ASSIGN configurations, including a "Custom" mode allowing for free assignment of 6 of the 9 amp channels, and two new options for users who have a separate pair of dedicated 2ch stereo speakers:
  • All new "9.1ch/2ch Front" amp assign setting allows you to connect a 9ch setup in main zone, and then connect a separate pair of dedicated 2ch stereo speakers to the spare set of speaker posts; when STEREO mode is engaged, the 9ch speakers will mute and the main amps will switch to the 2ch speakers
  • All new "7.1ch/2ch Front Bi-Amp" amp assign setting similarly allows you to run a traditional 7ch setup (5.1 + SB), and then use the Front Wide + Front Height speaker posts to bi-amp a separate pair of dedicated 2ch stereo speakers (amps will switch internally when STEREO mode is selected)

* New Audyssey Low Frequency Containtment (LFC) technology purports to make you less likely to disturb people in adjacent rooms by removing the frequencies that are prone to pass through walls. Click here to read flint350's subjective testsof Audyssey LFC and click here to see AustinJerry's measurements of Audyssey LFC.


* InstaPrevue function allows PIP viewing of all six rear HDMI sources simultaneously (one main, and the other five in little PIP windows). Note that unless you have a giant PJ screen the "five at a time" mode will probably make the windows too small to be useful, but the "one at a time" mode will work better since the window is larger. Click here to see flint350's photos of InstaPrevue.

* Distribute HD video to FOUR zones: Main Zone Component Video MONITOR output can be assigned to Zone 3, meaning that you can potentially distribute HD video to four zones -- two component video and two HDMI video, including the Zone 2 Component Video output and the Zone 4 HDMI output (note that HDMI video will not be downconverted to component video output)


* New "Dialogue Enhancer" feature with adjustable steps supposedly enhances certain frequencies to make dialogue more intelligible. Click here to see AustinJerry's measurements of what Dialogue Enhancer is actually doing.



* New "Picture Mode" setting in the video adjust area has presets for Standard, Movie, Vivid, Streaming (for low bitrate sources), and Custom. Setting to Custom allows you to tweak the individual settings (Brightness, Contrast, etc) manually.


* New "All Zone Stereo" function (accessed with the [OPTION] button on the remote) that will set all three zones to the same source, for easy "one touch" access to broadcast music throughout your zones. (note that this button for some silly reason doesn't actually turn the other zones on, so you must first turn zones 2/3 on manually before using this)

jdsmoothie 09-18-2012 04:50 PM

When using the following guides, follow any specific information related to the 3313CI.

Denon AVR-XX12/XX13 FAQ and Setup Guide ---> Click here.

Denon AVR Troubleshooting Tips ---> Click here.

** Note that some surround parameters are dependent on the type of audio being received by the AVR and therefore may not appear if not applicable. Refer to the audio spreadsheets on p. 184.

Additional thread discussion items unique to the 4520CI ...

1. InstaPreview: only applies to HDMI inputs 1-6 (ie. not the front HDMI input) playing to the main zone nor the source playing to Zone 4(HDMI)). Note: It also will not work when Zone4 is powered ON.
2. Dialog Enhancer: Advanced version of "Dialogue Level" on XX13 models to enhance center channel dialog (low,med, high, off)
3. Subwoofer Level: Independent subwoofer 1/2 level control when in DIRECT/PURE DIRECT mode w/LFE+Main (+/-12db) (3313CI only offers single volume control that applies to both subs)
4. Bass Sync: LFE delay (0-16ms); corrects for any delay of the LFE track in 5.1/6.1/7.1 audio tracks.
5. Audyssey LFC (low frequency containment (1-7) (factory defaults to 4 with higher number = more containment); adjusts those frequencies that more easily pass through walls; also works with no sub in the setup with the LFE passing to the FL/FR speakers
6. Picture Adjust: Preset picture modes (similar to TV modes) + custom settings (3313CI only offers "custom" settings)
7. Vertical Stretch: Vertically stretches the display (default - OFF)
8. HDMI Pass Through - allows HDMI audio/video to pass through when AVR is in Standby although enabling HDMI Control will still do the same thing; now independent from HDMI Control if setting HDMI Control causes HDMI-CEC issues with the TV (default - OFF)
9. Control Monitor: Adds ability to set Zone 4 (HDMI) as HDMI Control output (although Zone 4 doesn't include ARC capability)
10. Analog Video Out: Adds 2nd component video out with primary having capability of either Main or Zone 3
11. Diagnostics: Check status of network (a) physical connection, (b) router access, and (c) internet access
12. Front Display (Channel): Channel icons now only display on right side of front panel display with setting to show either INPUT or OUTPUT (default) channels (same as 3313CI) (p. 153 OM)
13. Macro Operations: Can store up to 4 (18 step) macro functions either custom made or can select from the preset macro operations available (similar to Harmony 1 button activity buttons): Movie (BD), Music (CD), Watch (CBL/SAT), all ON, all OFF. Note that when creating a custom macro, the SETUP and OPTION menus will not begin in the same place every time, rather will return to the last item previously selected in that menu, which means it won't be possible to have the macro drill down to the same menu item every time.
14. Denon Link HD: only compatible with Denon Link HD BDPs (currently only Denon DBT-3313UDCI).
15. Zone 4(HDMI): HDMI inputs 1-6 only; issue of "no audio" if Zone4 HDMI sink (esp TV) cannot accept either DTS or DD/DTS HD audio signal.
16. Movie, Music, Game Surround Modes: Press/hold the respective button to get the additional surround modes to display.
17. Volume Scale: Factory default is the "absolute" scale {0-98} which can be changed to the relative scale {-79,5db to +18db; see p. 124}
18. All Zone Stereo: Will play any source (HDMI, optical, digital coax, or analog) to zones 2/3 (via Amp Assign or pre-outs) downmixing the source to Multi CH Stereo in the main zone.
19. 4-port Ethernet Hub: Note that if you have set the Network setting to "Off in Standby" to facilitate the SAVE of the config.dat file, doing so will disable the ethernet hub, so remember to set it back to "Always On" after the SAVE if you use the hub with other devices.

Various resets for the 4520CI: press/hold the following buttons on the front panel while powering on the AVR

Full/Deep Reset - resets the network card (NIC) and the microprocessor: UP/DOWN arrow buttons

Network Reset - resets the network card (NIC) only: DIMMER/INFO

Microprocessor Reset - resets the microprocessor only: INFO/BACK

Known issues being tracked in this thread:

1. If having problems connecting the unit to the Denon server to do a firmware update, try selecting "Start the Update" rather than first selecting "Check for Update."

2. Any issues noted with some early released units (late 2012, ie. serial number begins with a "2") seem to have been resolved as 2013 units (ie. serial number begins with a "3") are experiencing no problems.

3. When playing Hybrid SACD audio (DSD Direct), there is a 10db loss in bass vs. when passing as PCM from the player.

4. Network GUI not displaying has come up again on a few units, but has been resolved by forum member GoodMan using the following procedure:

Starting with the unit already powered up and (any) NETWORK source selected;
a. Verify from the unit's front panel display that the source is indeed the network,
and the monitor device (TV) is not showing the network GUI.
b. Imagine a line at the back panel just above where the hdmi connectors are that extends across the unit from left to right side.
c. Repeatly exert some moderate finger pressure on the unit's back panel along the imaginary line while watching the output video device until the network GUI displays.

If still no joy, try loosening the three (screws) at the back that attaches the cover to the back panel to give it more "give", then repeat the above process.


jdsmoothie 09-18-2012 04:50 PM


(1) Firmware updates can be installed by the owner via a network connection to the Denon servers. Although it's not necessary to update your unit if you are not experiencing any problems, it's generally a good idea to keep it updated during the warranty period so that if there are any problems with the update the unit will still be covered under warranty. The update process generally doesn't take more than 30 minutes once the download begins and also generally does not erase any settings, although it's always a good idea to SAVE the config/settings file using the Web Control function (pp. 108-109) feature prior to doing the update just in case. Follow the guidelines in the post below to ensure the SAVE file is valid.


Note that if the update process is stuck on "Authenticating", ensure a source other than NET/USB is selected and just let it continue for up to a few hours and it should eventually begin the update process. Some owners have noted the connection to the Denon server is more successful selecting the "Start the Update" setting rather than first selecting the "Check for Update" setting. One owner noted that disconnecting all sources to the unit enabled it to connect to the Denon servers when all previous attempts had failed. Other tips if having problems with the update include setting "Network Standby/IP Control/Network" to OFF, cycling the DHCP setting on the AVR, or using a static IP address.

After the update has been downloaded from the Denon servers (which only takes a few seconds to a minute or two depending on your internet connection speed), the AVR will go into Standby mode to perform the actual update but will continue to update status on the front panel display. If the update seems to be hung up (ie. goes beyond 1 hour) ... power the AVR to Standby, unplug it for a few minutes and power back on and attempt the update again. If the update fails to load, check the network environment (ie. reset the router, replace the router with a more current/robust model, or ideally wire directly to the router if connecting wirelessly). If the update still fails to load but is stuck in the update mode when you power on the unit, do a network reset (ie. press/hold the UP arrow and DOWN arrow buttons on the front panel display while powering on the unit, ensuring you keep these two buttons pressed for at least 4-5 seconds. You may also want to consider purchasing a long (100'+) Cat5/6 cable for network updates only for a higher probability of a successful install. Also note, that once the update has completed, there is no way of returning to an earlier version of firmware.

(2) USB firmware update. [This procedure is no longer available].

(3) Denon will sometimes make "minor" changes to the firmware with each new manufacturing production run, so it's not unusual to see a higher version number on a newer unit of the same model. For the non-networking models, this doesn't mean an older unit needs to be returned to get the firmware updated, rather it only needs to be updated if you are experiencing a problem that resetting the microprocessor will not resolve. The year/month the unit was mfr'd can be determined by looking at the first 3 digits of the serial number (eg. 209xxxxxxxx would be Sep 2012) which can be found on the original box as well as on the back panel of the AVR.

(4) What is my unit's current firmware version? The current firmware version can be determined from the AVR's menu: General --> Information --> Firmware Version.

(5) There are two firmware notification settings, both of which default to "ON" from the factory..... "Update" (fixes) and "Upgrade" (new feature). When either an "update" or "upgrade" is available, the front panel will display a message alerting you to this "update" or "upgrade" every time you turn on the AVR. If you prefer not to install the update/upgrade, then simply change the appropriate setting at General --> Firmware --> Notifications ---> Update/Upgrade to OFF (factory default is ON) and it will go away.

This area will be used to track the changelog of the firmware updates. When Denon begins providing these firmware updates on their website for installation via USB, the changelog information will also be available at the Updates webpage.

Original firmware version: 3325-1532-1375

1. 10/1/2012 (3325-8562-1375)
- When the product is in standby, the product doesn't do the power-on in the IR receiver that is connected to the Remote IN terminals of the product.
- The black picture noise in video output (NTSC) of Network and the iPod/USB function has been reduced.

2. 11/19/2012 (3325-0792-1424)
- Various failures: Sample rate is not indicated at FLAC, WAV, ALAC. If ALAC is played back, AAC is displayed. No album art displayed for ALAC files.
- When the customer connects 3D Player and projector (RICOH PJ-X3340) to the unit via HDMI, there is a possibility that 3D image is not output even if the disk of 3D is played.
- The black picture noise in video output (NTSC) of Network and the iPod/USB function has been reduced.
- When the customer uses the USB file, the product does wrong behavior by operating the FF/RWD button. The button of FF/RWD must not function in the USB file. Therefore, the firmware was corrected for FF/RWD to not operate.

3. 12/6/2012 (no change from above version)
- Fixed issue of inability to connect to Pandora server.

4. 2/14/2013 (3325-5703-3453)
- When the customer connects DLXA75R (VICTOR) and 65ZT5 (Panasonic) with the unit via HDMI, the unit was freeze by a dual output.
- When the product is used for a long time, the GUI image might not change even if Source is changed.

5. 3/11/2013 (3325-8733-3492)
- The product corresponded to Gapless Playback from Mobile App.
- When the HDMI output is a dual output and the device connected with HDMI OUT1 is made a standby, the image of HDMI OUT2 is not output.
- When Pandora is played, the display of the icon becomes the Internet radio by specific music.
- The Picture View setting cannot be stored.
- AirPlay cannot be executed while executing SlideShow.
- AirPlay cannot be executed from Function other than Network.

6. 5/30/2013 (3325-0843-4401)
- The Preset Names of FM-Tuner can't change from Web.
- After the update and AudysseyPro measurement, the set cannot access the WEB page.
- When TV Format is "PAL", the aspect ratio is not correct.
- When new features included Multi-Artists Radio of Last.fm is used and played, the set starts the reconnection operation and fails in the connection.
- Radio Text from Russian Internet Radio Station "Nashi Pesni 98.9FM" is not displayed correctly.
- The BBC broadcasting station of the Internet radio cannot play from Remote App.
- After the log in of SPOTIFY, when the customer changes the source or restart the unit (POWER OFF/ON), the customer needs the account input again.
- When the customer starts Remote App, the display of Remote App might become abnormal.
- The PlayerView button in the NetUSB browse screen by Remote App was added.
- The SleepTimer setting by Remote App was added.

7. 9/9/2013 (3325-3843-4485)
- Random Feature in Spotify follows to Pandora.
- The source doesn't change into SiriusXM even if SiriusXM is selected by Apps.
- "File Format Error" and "Track Not Found" are displayed by playing a specific iRadio station, and, if "Enter" is pushed, the display becomes empty "PlayView".
- After the firmware is updated, the device is not found via the ios application.
- Airplay does not play the sound synchronously with sound on the PC and other Airplay devices, e.g. B&W A5, A7, Air.

8. 2/19/2014 (3525-8853-5475)
- Crestron update
- Sirius XM API2.0
- When DTS-HD MA 96k audio is streamed, there is noise or no output
- Noise from DD+ stream from Netflix
- WMA 11/12 files not playing
- Noise from WAV file in NAS (Twonky Server 7) via remote app
- MSLEFT and MSRIGHT of the AMX command
- Noise between tracks of FLAC file
- No communication with Buffalo LInkStation
- No sound from SW in PURE DIRECT
- DIalogue Enhancer set by Menu is not memorized
- When connected Server shuts down in the Resume play of Last Sation of iRadio, the browsing of iRadio cannot be done
- AMP ASSIGN 7.1 + Zone 2, unable to choose SB/FH/FW

9. 12/12/2016
- Pandora logon fix

** NOTE: The changelog information above is provided as is, without any further explanation and only when I am able to obtain it. If the information listed above doesn't make sense, please don't ask for clarification, as I have none.

petetherock 09-18-2012 04:56 PM

I have posted my initial comments on this unit here:

and the follow up:

mr_speeed 09-18-2012 04:57 PM

Sorry, I just checked the USA website and didn't see the manual. Where is it? I would like to see how the assignable amps work among other things.

batpig 09-18-2012 05:04 PM

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mr_speed - click on the link in the 1st post for the Aussie manual smile.gif

understanding the Amp Assign settings will be quite an adventure wink.gif

first go to pg 140 for the crazy big flow chart.... and reference pg 100 for written explanations and the flow of settings for each mode.

then hop to pg 177 for some helpful charts explaining the various outputs based on Amp Assign setting.

mcsoul 09-18-2012 05:30 PM

Oh wow, what other receiver has that awesome zone feature?
And does it work on all sources hdmi, digital audio or analog audio inputs?

* New "All Zone Stereo" function (accessed with the [OPTION] button on the remote) that will set all three zones to the same source, for easy "one touch" access to broadcast music throughout your zones.

jdsmoothie 09-18-2012 05:40 PM

In reality this feature doesn't add much as you still must turn on Zones 2 and 3 manually which normally default to the source playing in the main zone anyway. Also, the audio passed to Zones 2/3 is limited to an on board audio source (Pandora, Airplay, internet radio), USB, or sources connected with analog cables. A couple of Zone Quick Selects would accomplish the same goal.

Spizz 09-18-2012 06:05 PM

It's a shame for the Aussie version they removed AM (don't really care about that) but didn't add DAB+ for use in Australia (a missed opportunity) going via the Manual. Still going to miss an Optical output for a source over my AVR-4308.

batpig 09-18-2012 06:24 PM

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Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post

In reality this feature doesn't add much as you still must turn on Zones 2 and 3 manually which normally default to the source playing in the main zone anyway. Also, the audio passed to Zones 2/3 is limited to an on board audio source (Pandora, Airplay, internet radio), USB, or sources connected with analog cables. A couple of Zone Quick Selects would accomplish the same goal.

+1 - it probably looks more important than it is bc it's one of the first things I noticed when perusing the new manual, and thus made my brief list of initial bullet points. In reality the only benefit of this feature is the "one touch" access to sync all three zones to the same source. As JD notes, if you read the manual you have to have manually turned on the other zones first (WTF is that? the "All Zone Stereo" doesn't even turn on the other zones automatically?). So, for example, if you were watching a movie in the main zone and listening different sources in the other 2 zones, but then guests are coming over and you want to just have background music on in the house, you can start up a Pandora stream and hit "All Zone Stereo" and then all three zones will play the same audio feed around the house. But it's pretty limited in scope.

Yamaha has a "party mode" feature that will broadcast the same audio in all zones, including HDMI/digital audio. Unfortunately it doesn't look like this feature works like that. If it could turn on all zones and broadcast the same audio everywhere, including a stereo downmix from an HDMI source, Denon would have a pretty killer zone app.

ccotenj 09-18-2012 06:25 PM

woot! should be fun once these start hitting people's homes...

hopefully the usual sources will have them at a "reasonable discount"... smile.gif

Woof Woof 09-18-2012 07:56 PM

Interesting that the Aussie got the scoop ahead of US and UK.

Will the Marantz AVP be discussed here?

filcro1 09-18-2012 09:26 PM

My 4308CI and 3312CI are both broken even after repairs by Denon. I wonder if the 450CI really works?

I've had so many HDMI and NET streaming issues with the AVR-4308CI and AVR-3312CI that I wonder if the AVR-4520CI has fixed these issues. So many HDMI boards have blown on Denon receivers that they are now back ordered by over 2 weeks.

Any one know if Denon has fixed the defective parts and firmware yet?


Gov 09-18-2012 10:14 PM

Dialogue enhancement? I have a 4311, maybe we can get this via firmware update? I think this would be a useful feature for those of us who do not use dynamic volume and want to just enhance dialogue when listening at a lower volume

dowop 09-19-2012 03:16 AM

Dialogue enhancement could be a good selling point. I doubt very seriously if Denon would give it out as firmware update for older units.

jdsmoothie 09-19-2012 05:12 AM

Originally Posted by Woof Woof View Post

Interesting that the Aussie got the scoop ahead of US and UK.
Will the Marantz AVP be discussed here?

Upcoming Marantz models are being discussed in .....


jdsmoothie 09-19-2012 05:14 AM

Originally Posted by Gov View Post

Dialogue enhancement? I have a 4311, maybe we can get this via firmware update? I think this would be a useful feature for those of us who do not use dynamic volume and want to just enhance dialogue when listening at a lower volume

It's also a good reason to get folks to upgrade and buy more products. wink.gif

KidHorn 09-19-2012 05:42 AM

Originally Posted by petetherock View Post

is it worth swopping out my 4311

Not unless your 4311 is broken.

Irwinroad 09-19-2012 07:29 AM


Brent A 09-19-2012 07:56 AM


What about the link to the US version of the Product Sheet from your post a few days ago in the "When do the 2013 Denon's come out...." thread?

batpig 09-19-2012 09:40 AM

121 Attachment(s)
thanks, product sheet link updated to USA version.

GaryMB 09-19-2012 10:34 AM

I put a deposit on a 4520 almost 2 weeks ago, a day or two after Denon Canada started accepting orders. The published specs (look under specifications --> component technology) do not indicate which ADC Denon is using for this model, despite this info being available for all their other AVRs. Any ideas regarding this?

jdsmoothie 09-19-2012 11:04 AM

Originally Posted by Brent A View Post

What about the link to the US version of the Product Sheet from your post a few days ago in the "When do the 2013 Denon's come out...." thread?

As well as the Product Page too ....


Brent A 09-19-2012 01:25 PM

Pretty sneaky there JD. cool.gif
I was trying that trick to get the 4520 page to come up a few weeks ago but didn't have any luck.

I'm still trying to figure out the marketing behind calling this a xx20ci model. I can understand distinguishing it as a higher model, but I would have thought 4513ci would have been sufficient. Just don't get the "20" thing. confused.gif

IwantmyTHX 09-19-2012 01:43 PM

Maybe it is just 7 years ahead of itself? Lol I am happy to get 6years so far with my 4806 though it sucks not having video go through it.

batpig 09-19-2012 01:53 PM

121 Attachment(s)
my bet is that Denon made a conscious decision to "divorce" the high-end models from the "consumer" models that refresh annually. The higher end stuff (4xxx and above) generally moves in 2-3 year cycles, e.g. 4306 > 4308 > 4310 > 4311 > 4520. Perhaps by separating the 4xxx model from the rest of the lineup via a difference in nomenclature, it will ease consumer confusion and relieve some of the expectation that a new "flagship" model is coming out every year (e.g. last year there was tons of talk of why there wasn't a 4312 model).

IwantmyTHX 09-19-2012 02:33 PM

Yes the 48xx model has usually been off starting at least with the 4802R model. though 4810 and the 43xx were inline IIRC

Brent A 09-19-2012 02:55 PM

Makes sense that the 4xxx & even the 5xxx series were usually off if their replacement were released a few model years apart. But it seems that they still had the last two digits match the model year that they were indroduced in. Oh well....not a big deal, was just curious.
Normally I wouldn't have noticed as I usually looked at the 3xxx series and considered anything above out of my league; but since purchasing my 4311 to replace my venerable 3300, I am of course paying closer attention. wink.gif

fordf250 09-20-2012 09:25 AM

4520 is officially up on the Denon website

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