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08-02-2013 | Posts: 2
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I have a VSX-42. My subwoofer works with blue-ray, DVD, and the audio test shows it works. However, when I use use my Iphone and steam to it via Wifi the sub doesn't work. I have the receiver in ext stereo and all the other speakers work. What am I doing wrong?
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08-05-2013 | Posts: 2
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Anybody?... still having issues.
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08-07-2013 | Posts: 2
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I'm not getting any bass or midrange through my speakers. I only have two speakers connected using the front channel. It was working fine over the weekend and then went to use my receiver yesterday after work and the music just sounded faint and distant. There was no bass, no mid-range, just weak tinny sounding music. I normally connect through airplay, and the only other recent change has been I connected my apple tv through the receiver.

Any help be great, I'd just hate to have to bring to best buy again for it to get sent for repairs. especially when the pioneer site has elite recievers and the new 1023 on sale on their outlet site.
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08-25-2013 | Posts: 3
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Has anyone successfully used Airplay to output audio to the Speaker B Zone on the VSX-1022? Airplay only seems to work on Zone A for me. When I switch to B or even A+B, audio continues to play on zone A.
Thank you in advance for any help offered on this subject. It's been a major struggle for me.
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08-25-2013 | Posts: 4
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I have the older VSX 821 by pioneer with a four year warranty from best buy and once it was setup with the microphone EQ it works great. My receiver was a clearance item that was marked down from 349 to 229 dollars. I play 24 bit 96KHZ audio files using optical out on my macbook and have blu-ray player and a 23 inch 1080p monitor by samsung. It also has 7.1 sound, I have two hight speakers (they need to be powered) and a powered subwoofer. Your receiver is a higher end version of mine and must be better. Be sure to use the Equalization Microphone that comes with receiver for bust sound. If you don't have manual, you can get the manual on pioneer website. It has been a great receiver for me about two years now.
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08-31-2013 | Posts: 55
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I've had this receiver for about a year. Recently I have a noticeable static that comes from the left front channel. I've tried swapping speakers and cables so I think it's coming from the receiver itself. It happens on all inputs. All are HDMI. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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09-10-2013 | Posts: 7
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i tried to plug the optical cable to the receiver today and it stopped working afterwards. No audio and when i press surrounding mode button, only sees phones surrounding. No sound, video is fine. I guess I need to call cs tomorrow.

Anybody had similar experience?
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09-17-2013 | Posts: 11
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Can someone explain to me how to do a factory reset on this receiver? I read page 63 in the manual, having it in standby and about holding "Band" and at the same time hold "On", then a message should appear saying "Reset?", but nothing pops up at all. I can't imagine I'm somehow not following those directions correctly.
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10-08-2013 | Posts: 56
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Did anyone ever figure out if it's possible to make adjustments to the "5 band EQ"???
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10-15-2013 | Posts: 14
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OKay, a couple of quick questions. I haven't used my 1022 or basement set up with Expressvu 9241 satellite receiver lately. When I went down today, everything works fine picture wise, but when on the Sat function and the picture working for the 9241 receiver, I have no sound, and the HDMI or another light is flashing... Everything is connected properly and worked last time I had it on. I have tried the other audio functions as well as direct. Still no sound, picture is perfect.

Another thing, still can't get my 1022 remote to control my Satellite 9241 box. I have tried all codes for that receiver, as well as all other codes for any Bell Expressvu receivers and nothing. Does anyone in Canada know of a code that works?

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11-13-2013 | Posts: 14
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Anyone found a code that works with expressvu pvr. I've tried 6002, 6003, 6004, 6089. No luck. Any help would be fantastic. Please.
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11-20-2013 | Posts: 3
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I have a VSX-1022 connect to my network by CAT5.


No matter what I do, I can't access the network set-up menu.


I have read and re-read the manual and it seems to contradict itself.


I have selected "netradio" and pressed Home Menu button. Nothing. This is what the manual says to do.


it also says the Home Menu is not available in Netradio mode.


How doi I access the Network Set-up menu?

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11-20-2013 | Posts: 166
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Push the receiver button on the remote first.
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11-20-2013 | Posts: 3
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I do and I get the message "CANT SEL"

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11-21-2013 | Posts: 166
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Receiver, Network, Home is how I get to mine.

It may not be detecting the connection to your network. (can you access Pandora or any of the netradio stations?)

Are there lights on the network port indicating connection? Swap the patch cable out with another one. If you know what IP address your router assigned, you should be able to get to Pioneer Web Control

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11-29-2013 | Posts: 24
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Hey folks. My volume wont work on the remote. The 'up' button works but not the 'down'. The dial works on the receiver. Any thoughts? Its either the remote or the receiver, yes?
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11-29-2013 | Posts: 60
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Well I would trouble shoot the remote by using either the Android/iOS app to see if the virtual remote works. If it does then that would point to the remote (maybe the button has corroded).

Alternatively, there is a way described within this thread that talks about using the program putty.exe to telenet into the receiver and sending the VD command and again this would help you determine if the receiver isn't processing the signal correct or the remote isn't sending the signal. I would bet most likely on the remote.

Another alternative would be to get your hands on a learning remote (which you might have to do if your remote is bad) and teaching it the signals or if using a certain brand, downloading the profile to the remote and testing it out. Today's not really the day to go out shopping just for a remote unless you enjoy long lines.

Good luck.
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12-02-2013 | Posts: 3
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Originally Posted by abuthemagician View Post

Having issues with an AMD ATI Radeon HD 6450 video card. It's hooked up via HDMI to the DVR hdmi port, then HDMI to the TV. If I remove the drivers, it will display on the TV without an issue. When I reinstall the drivers, the tv screen goes black and it constantly displays the "channel info" logo thing, that says what input is in use and what the quality level is. So with no driver or in safe mode the TV will say 720p and then display just fine, but with the drivers installed for the 6450, it will say 1080i, then sometimes flicker what is happening on the PC and other times just show white static.

Has anyone else seen this?

The HTPC that the 6450 is in is running Windows 7 x86. Going to try Windows 8 and see if that will work any better...


This happens to me as well... I have to change the input back and fourth a couple times before it will show up on the tv

Sometimes the screen is black, sometimes it is half a screen of white static, and sometimes it is the whole screen.

Anyone know why?

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12-18-2013 | Posts: 60
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Attention VSX-1022-K and Windows 8+ owners:

There is an app of the Windows Store, Pioneer Half Bit App, that allows one to control the receiver from one's PC. I know there are Android and iOS apps available, but I often fine that I am sitting at my desk and want to change up the music, volume etc. Now I can do all of that and more from the comfort of the keyboard. The developer has been so kind to include our receiver on the list of units that can be controlled by this unofficial apps and working with the information found elsewhere in this thread, has evolved the app over the last few weeks, into a truly useful tool. Time to purchase yourself a little Christmas gift. There is a free and premium component so you can check it out. I have to say that the developer has gone out of his way to change his app to include this model. Now if Pioneer would only continue to improve their apps the promise behind their internet connected device would be fulfilled.

I don't know how to add a link from the Windows Store to this thread (or if I even should) but here is the link to the developer's website: or you can try searching on Pioneer Half Bit on the Windows Store.

No financial interest in this, just a happy customer!

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12-27-2013 | Posts: 2
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Hey there,

Anyone have this issue? I noticed that when I play my Tuner, I'm only getting sound out of one speaker. I can only force it to both speakers if I toggle the Auto/Direct button to the Pure Direct setting.

I would think that, by default, an FM radio station would be stereo minimally. I know it doesn't come out of only one speaker on my car radio!


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12-27-2013 | Posts: 81
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I just found this receiver at best buy for a ridiculous price, $84.99. Its a bit of a drive but Im looking to replace a sony str-dh720. Would you guys recommend this receiver? Im reading some mixed reviews. 

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12-27-2013 | Posts: 81
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Well i picked it up. With a 4 year replacement plan it was 105.99 which also got me a $15 gift card on top of the $25 one i had. So new receiver, 4 year warranty for $70 with tax.

Movies and tv sound is hugely better than my sony. Surround effects are much more balanced and present and music has alot less white noise. Well see how this unit performs over time but the price was right and so far it seems pretty good. I use apple tv so network features will probably never get tried out.
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01-06-2014 | Posts: 4
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damn. that's a good price. in-store leftover?
wingzfan61's Avatar wingzfan61
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01-06-2014 | Posts: 81
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Online order returned and never picked up and my buddy marked it "at risk" for me.
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02-01-2014 | Posts: 60
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OK I hadn't tried this in a while but now I am eager to get the Media Server function to work. I media servers set up on two different machines (Windows 8.1) and while I can see the VSX-1022-K I can't "Play-to" nor can I go from the iOS app and pull from any of the servers that it locates (including a Logitech Media Server and a Plex Media Server as well as two Windows servers fully shared). I can navigate but nothing plays. I tried turning the unit completely off, resetting the network connection. Nothing. Driving me to distraction.

Anyone else have issues with this functionality? Any suggestions?

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02-08-2014 | Posts: 6
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hi I just joined up read all the thread I'm having a strange issue not mentioned yet my display does not indicate what are you its processing when in HDMI when I and playing a 7.1 or 5.1 Blu ray it sounds great and appears to be processing correctly however the display does not show what the Blu ray info tells me for instance that I'm listening to do DTS HD Master Audio 7.1I'm hoping its simply and issue with the display indicators not turning on when they should
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02-09-2014 | Posts: 6
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To clarify that last post...(sorry my voice to text screwed some word up) my 1022k front display is not lighting up to indicate what type of audio its processing via the HDMI cables...although it did show DTS when I tried via a coax cable even though it should have showed DTS HD ma...
I confirmed the cables were high speed HDMI and that the settings in my Blu-ray player and avr were fact my Sony Blu-ray player showed DTS-HD master audio 7.1 when I pressed display...the receiver seems to be correctly processing as I have listened to each speaker spearately and here it projecting a discreet channel...anyone else run into this? Any ideas?...I have the latest few update as well
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02-10-2014 | Posts: 6
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Well mystery was an audio setting in my Sony Blu-ray player (BDP-BX58)
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02-10-2014 | Posts: 166
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I have this "issue" too. It bugged me for a month before I discovered it was processing the DTS correctly, just not showing on the display.

What was the change you made on the Sony BD player? (I have a Sony BDP-S480)
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