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ctobin1's Avatar ctobin1 01:24 PM 09-27-2012
Hey everybody, thanks for the help in advance.

I recently go the Onkyo HT-S7400 setup with the HT-NR609 receiver and seem to be having some volume issues. I set it up using the audyssey mic with full calibration. It seems that my volume levels are very very low. To even hear talking during shows/movies i have to have the volume around 65% which seems very high compared to my older all in one setups. The other problem I have is from going from shows to commercials, the volume on the commercials are always a lot louder than the show and even during shows, the volume can fluctuate a lot. I'm fairly new to this all and would really like some help.

Any ideas?mad.gif

JHAz's Avatar JHAz 04:00 PM 09-27-2012
You just need to get used to a different paradigm. I assume you have your volume display set up to show departure from reference, with ref being at 0. minus 10 dB is one tenth of the power needed for reference. Minus 20 dB is one one hundredth of the power needed for reference. It's just how decibels work
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