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10-01-2012 | Posts: 7
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I've got an old mid range onkyo receiver that i'm pretty happy with except no hdmi. I'm finally moving out of the 90s and got rid of my crt... I thought I could make do with the toslink cable, but ultimately I'm not satisfied. I got a usb to toslink adapter, which worked fine under my HTPC with windows 7, but now that i've ugraded to windows 8 I can't get the drivers to install. I've not found any reasonably price (less than 60$) hdmi switches with toslink output that get anything better than very mixed reviews. So getting a new receiver seems the best option

Anyways, I've already got speakers. 4 satelites and a center chanel are from a polk audio rm6200 system: They are 100 watts per channel and i think 8 ohms. I've got a JL Audio subwoofer from the same era, not sure of the model offhand.

I live on the 2nd floor of a 2 family house have a small apartment with 13x13 tv room. I'm looking for an entry av receiver that will work with my HTPC and PS3. My budget is around $300. I'm willing to wait for a sale, or even consider openbox or refurb. I also noticed that there seems to be something on sale at costco don't know if it's a good choice.

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10-02-2012 | Posts: 7
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so it looks like i'm going to get the denon 1713 from accessories4less
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good choice...
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