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10-05-2012 | Posts: 32
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I have had my AVR-889 for about 4-5 years and has been running flawlessly 24/7/365 (almost tongue.gif ). About 1-2 months ago I upgraded TVs from a LNT-4669 to a Panasonic VIERA GT50 (which I am amazed with). My setup was as follows:

Cable/PS3/XBox360 (HDMI) --> AVR-889 (HDMI In) --> AVR-889 (HDMI Out) --> GT50 (HDMI In)

This setup worked for about 2-3 weeks. All of a sudden I received a "No Signal" message using any of the HDMI ports. At first I thought it was a "handshake" issue so I upgraded the firmware on the TV and checked all of the settings on each device (even the crappy menu on the Denon!). To my dismay none of the settings made a difference. I then got out a component cable and was able to run my Motorola Comcast box through the Denon and to the TV which worked.

So, it appeared that, my GT50 had a bad daughter card that needed to be replaced. Warranty tech was unable to remove a few screws that he stripped so the TV was replaced with a new one. I hooked everything up today only to discover that I was still unable to use my HDMI ports! I then brought out my old Samsung and connected that to my Denon, that also did not work with HDMI.

My question is this: Could the HDMI Out port on the Denon shorted, taking out the daughter card in the GT50? Difficult to troubleshoot a definitive answer, does the HDMI port have a signal that I could test to see if it is completely dead?

Thanks very much,


P.S. I also did a factory reset on the Denon which didn't fix anything.
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It appears the HDMI board on the AVR is defective, although due to the unit's age is likely no longer available for replacement. Review the first few posts in the Denon AVR-XX12 and XX13 Owner's threads to see a comparison of the features offered by the newer models.
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