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myriadcorp's Avatar myriadcorp 10:38 AM 10-09-2012
I have been fed up with all the wires behind my current system. It's a huge pain in the butt to do anything in the tight space I have for my main home theater gear. Right now I have a B&K Reference 50 paired with 5 Marantz MA700 mono block amps. The amount of wires routed for the mono blocks takes most of the space up. The pre amp does not have hdmi. I have to run wires from my hdmi sources to the TV. The whole thing is a rats nest and I want a system without all the wires. I am looking for a quality receiver that can run 2 Paradigm Studio 100's, and 3 Paradigm LCR 450a's. I love the mono blocks, but I could really clean up the area and save a ton of energy removing them. I could remove my mono blocks, vhs, laser disc, cd player, and dvd. With a HTPC all I would need is my receiver. The HTPC will handle everything. This would only use 2 wires saving tons of space. Of course I would still have the mess of speaker wires. Can someone recommend a good receiver with a capable amp built in?smile.gif

KidHorn's Avatar KidHorn 10:46 AM 10-09-2012
There are no receivers that I'm aware of that will match the power output of the monoblocks you currently have. The best you'll get is maybe a comparable 100 wpc at 8 ohms.

Look at the denon 4520, Onkyo 3010, Onkyo 5010, Yamaha 3020, or Pioneer sc-68.
Knucklehead90's Avatar Knucklehead90 10:57 AM 10-09-2012
I'd keep three of the M700's for the front sound stage if you use the setup for music too. I'm not sure any AVR would deliver enough power to make those 100's sing to their full potential. Too bad Marantz didn't make the M700 flat and stackable - like the Outlaw M2200.
myriadcorp's Avatar myriadcorp 11:04 AM 10-09-2012
I know this would be a mess but what if I kept the mono blocks and purchased a up to date receiver to run as a pre amp? It would help me eliminate all the other cables by having only the 2 hdmi vs all the video and audio cables I have hooked up. The mono blocks would still have tons of wires.
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