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Dillsnik's Avatar Dillsnik 10:01 PM 10-19-2012

chrisstaffordlon's Avatar chrisstaffordlon 11:19 PM 10-19-2012
Just my opinion, Ebay has some great deals on yamaha receivers, if your interested. I have recently purchased a couple of receivers including a 9.2 for theater and 5.1 for workout room.


This is a new generation 4K pass through, networking, airplay compatible reciever... Bstock for $308. My experience is they arrive in original packaging and in good shape. Look at other items from USA Bargains seller for multiple other options. On my last purchase, they provided a tracking number less then an hour after i paid for it with paypal, extremely fast shipping. The unit was on my front porch three days later!

One work of caution... they provide a 1 yr warranty, and expect you to file claim for shipping damage with UPS. I had no issues, as the units were in brand new packaging and had zero damage to the box. However, keep in mind if yours arrives damaged.

Good Luck....
Dillsnik's Avatar Dillsnik 04:04 PM 10-20-2012
Hey thanks for that tip! That yamaha gets way better reviews than any of those receivers i posted. I'm not sure if the amazon ratings are a good identifier or you can tend to get some overly enthused reviewers
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 04:36 PM 10-20-2012
As is often mentioned regarding these lower level models .. choose the others for possibly better features, but choose the Denon for better audio fidelity as it's the only one that can EQ the subwoofer (aside from the Onkyo 1008 although that is a mid level model and not in same level as the others).
Dillsnik's Avatar Dillsnik 08:17 AM 10-23-2012
It's true I probably don't need all the bells and whistles, I just don't want to buy something that will limit me in the near future. Not that that's possible to stop anyways.

That 609 is also on onkyo refurb right now for like 265, but I have heard others complain about the no eq for sub.

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afrogt's Avatar afrogt 09:33 AM 10-23-2012
Get one with a higher version of Audyssey than the 2EQ on the NR609.

I'd get the denon avr 1912 if you don't want to spend much, but the Onkyo NR1008 is intriguing if you want spend $500.

cnet did a comparison of the Onkyo NR609 and Denon AVR-1912 over a year ago.
Dillsnik's Avatar Dillsnik 12:05 PM 10-23-2012
Yeah i think i like the path you guys are on...

I think i can scoop up a denon avr1912 for around 300 on CL or ebay. Maybe even the AVR 2112CI
Dillsnik's Avatar Dillsnik 08:19 PM 10-24-2012
so I happened by a best buy today and found a 2113 out of box for $400, just the unit and power cord.. no remote or anything else, but a solid deal i thought for that model.

I am wondering how worth the step up is to that level compared to the 2112 or the 1912. Trying to hone in on the specific model that makes the most sense
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 04:24 AM 10-25-2012
The 2113CI is likely your best bet. Check to see if tBB has an Audyssey mic (ACM1HB) in their demo drawer as they generally separate the mics from the demos, otherwise it can be purchased directly from Denon or from eBay for about $25. The remote (RC-1167) will cost about $50 or you can use a Harmony remote and download the 2113CI settings to it from Logitech's website. Another option is to give Electronics Expo a "call" as you may be able to get a brand new in box unit for roughly the same price you'd pay after purchasing the missing accessories. Note also the Owner's manual is available as a .pdf on Denon's website.
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