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Limp Fox's Avatar Limp Fox 08:06 AM 10-29-2012
I'm seeing the Panamax 4300-pm for around $200 new and although I love the 5400-pm I can't afford it right now. Is the 4300 a good bang for the buck or should I save up some more for the 5400? Is the 4300 better suited for a bedroom (TV, Blu-ray)? Below is the list of equipment I currently have. Let me know what you all think. I do sure like the display on the 5400 but there around $600 new from what I can see.

Emotiva UMC-1 (eventually going back to a Onkyo)
Emotiva XPA 5
Custom built HTPC with 600 watt power supply
Dish network 722 receiver
Sharp 70" LED
eD A7s-450 sub
eD A2-300 sub
Xbox 360 Elite
360 gig? PS3 - hardly ever used.

Limp Fox's Avatar Limp Fox 08:56 AM 10-29-2012
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New_guy's Avatar New_guy 10:21 AM 10-29-2012
They look pretty similar and for a bedroom system the 4300 should be fine. With 9 devices it looks like with the 4300 you will have to use the front plugin as well, could be an aesthetic issue if that bothers you.
Limp Fox's Avatar Limp Fox 10:40 AM 10-29-2012
Well right now I am looking for something in my living room where I have my Theater set up. Just wondering if there's an advatage to the 5400 PM - looks aside and besides the extra outlets and multiple power banks.
New_guy's Avatar New_guy 11:49 PM 10-29-2012
Looks aside, mostly these units are good for being able to plug a bunch of stuff into it. It will help your audio/video system if you are getting alot of artifacts/noise/ground hum in your system, and of course you get the surge protection, but other than that its mostly a fancy power bar.
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