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Dysfnctnl85's Avatar Dysfnctnl85 09:21 AM 11-04-2012
I'm currently spending a lot of time away from home and I'm toting my PS3, a monitor, and headphones with me. I've tried to find a reputable Dolby/DTS decoder to bring with me so that I can have a decent surround sound experience (through headphones or a small set of speakers) without disturbing my wife, but I have yet to find anything but the discontinued Creative DDTS-100. It sounds like an amazing product; who knows why it was discontinued. I don't want to buy a receiver because I feel like that's overkill, more money than I want to spend, and I actually have a nice home theater setup to use once we settle down. My portable speakers have a built-in amplifier, so it's not necessary for this device to have one.

There are several "gaming" sound devices out there, but none that process DTS:

Is it crazy for me to want DTS and DD processing? I'll be watching BDs too, and that's the main reason why I wanted DTS decoding as well.
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rsinclair's Avatar rsinclair 10:16 PM 01-26-2013
If you're interested in the DDTS-100 (it IS amazing), I've just posted mine for sale on eBay:

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