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kertofer's Avatar kertofer 03:13 PM 11-14-2012
Hi all, I am starting to consider what I would like to upgrade my receiver to when the time comes. My current system is a 5.1 system consisting of a pair of Linn Ninka fronts, a Linn Ekwal center, a pair of Linn 5110 Unik rears and a Vandersteen 2WC subwoofer. I would like to go to something like a 7.2 or even a 9.2 system in my room (16' X 19' X 8' so I do not think it is a large enough room to accommodate 11.2, and honestly 9.2 may be a stretch, but I like the idea of the front Highs) by adding another Vandersteen sub and another 2 pair of the Linn Uniks for front highs and back speakers. My current receiver is an NAD T762 that I have absolutely loved, unfortunately NAD does not do a good job keeping up with newer home theater formats. I attribute this to their "Music First" philosophy, but whatever.

When I do my upgrade I would not mind simply going with a 9.2 receiver initially, but I want one that can be turned into a pre as I add amps over time. My Linn's are all 4 Ohm speakers, so when I buy a receiver it has to be able to handle that, but most of what I would consider should be able to do this fine. The receivers I have considered are the NAD T775/777 but am leaning towards the Onkyo 3009/3010. As I add amps I had initially planned to use NAD amps, but honestly I have seen a lot of reviews of the Emotiva's that make me think I should consider those.

I suppose to boil this down, do any of you guys have Linn speakers and a recommendation on receiver/pre and amps that sound good with them?

Also, given room size what are the opinions on 1 vs. 2 subs?

Thanks in advance guys!

NorCalJason's Avatar NorCalJason 04:37 PM 11-14-2012
I cannot comment on what to pair your Linn speakers with.

About the subs...

2 subs are always better than 1. Much better if you can/do spend the time to place the correctly.
keyboardcat's Avatar keyboardcat 05:01 PM 11-14-2012
I hear that a lot of people like emotiva amps. I haven't heard them though. I hear that rotel is good at handling 4 ohm speakers, but rotel is a little overpriced. I hear that rotel is also behind in technology and formats compared to other brands
kertofer's Avatar kertofer 07:27 PM 11-14-2012
I looked pretty heavily at Rotel when I bought my current NAD, and found the same thing. It seems that a lot of those guys (NAD, Rotel, Arcam) tend to be behind on features and formats. It is annoying because I LOVE my NAD, but I also want the higher end Audyssey and the capability to support more than 7 channel formats should I decide to move to that.
keyboardcat's Avatar keyboardcat 08:05 PM 11-15-2012
true Audyseey is a feature that a lot of people are wanting. I haven't bought any hdmi surround receivers. Most items that I buy are used from thrift store or craigslist or a demo from a hi fi store. I used to watch a lot of surround sound movies back in the dolby pro logic days. The recent receiver that I have for surround sound is only dolby digital without hdmi. It is a yamaha receiver that I got for 15 bucks. If I watched movies a lot still, I would also want to support more then 7 channel formats. I mainly listen to music a lot on cds and internet radio and local radio. I heard a expensive Arcam once at a hi fi store in New York City. I still preferred the NAD and Rotel over it. Have you checked out Anthem receivers? I hear that a lot of people like the brand, but other people didn't like the brand.
keyboardcat's Avatar keyboardcat 08:07 PM 11-15-2012
it is a shame that some of the cheaper brands at best buy and other places can't handle 4ohm speakers that well without going into protection mode.
keyboardcat's Avatar keyboardcat 10:27 AM 11-17-2012
He might know to help you out. He has had vandersteen speakers before.
bommai's Avatar bommai 09:55 PM 11-17-2012
I have a NAD T744, NAD T763 and my latest is a NAD T775HD. I love all of them and especially the NAD T775HD. With the latest firmware upgrade, flawless performance. It only does Audyssey MultiEQ XT with the custom NAD response curve. It also does Audyssey DynamicEQ and Dynamic Volume (which I don't use). Love the sound and the general stability of the unit. No problems what soever. Also, great thing is the customer service. They respond to your emails and do follow ups! I have owned Onkyo, HK, Denon before and while HK receivers were great, I think you will not get the same kind of support from Onkyo/Denon.

BTW, my NAD T775HD extends all sound formats (PCM 5.1, 6.1, DTS-HD-Ma 5.1, Dolby TrueHD 5.1, Dolby DIgital 5.1, DTS 5.1) to 7.1 sound field using Dolby PLIIx.
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