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g12345567 11-21-2012 03:49 PM

Just installed a new Marantz SR6007 that uses the vTuner radio service.

I noticed that every time you open/launch internet radio on the receiver it will automatically start playing the last played Internet radio station. Is there a way to turn this feature off? I don't want to play any radio station on startup. Instead I would rather be able to select from my favourites or stations I have manually added.

Also how do you reassign the 3 favourite buttons on the remote to different internet radio stations? As the remote comes preset with 3 internet radio stations which I would like to change to one of my favourites or stations I have manually added..

g12345567 11-23-2012 02:14 AM

Looks like there are hardly any SR6007 owners on these forums.

I solved the issues I was having with the internet radio.

1) Marantz has a built in internet radio feature where when launching the internet radio feature it will automatically "start playing the last played internet radio statrion" (manual page 53). There is no option to turn off this feature. Instead when the radio station starts playing you need to press the play/pause or enter button. Wait a few seconds. This will stop playback and then return to the main internet radio menu or station selection list if you selected a station from the list. This information seems not to be listed anywhere in the manual

2) To change any of the 3 favourite buttons on the remote. Simply press and hold any of the buttons for a few seconds whilst playing a station and then the current radio station will be saved as the new favourite.

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