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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I don't know which component is causing the problem.

My system:
Panasonic 55" VT30 (2011)
Yamaha RX-A1010
Cisco DVR (Time Warner)
Sony PS3 Slim
Apple TV (2012)
Motorola SB6121 Router (Time Warner)
Apple Airport Extreme (2010)
Logitech Harmony Touch
Logitech Harmony PS3 adapter
Apple Universal Dock
Monster HDP 2500
Klipsch RF-82 ii
Kipsch RC-62 ii
Klipsch RS-52 ii
SVS SB12-NSD (hooked up to its own surge protector, separate from the 2500)

The three components are hooked up through HDMI 1.4 cables to AV3-5 of the receiver, then through another HDMI cable from HDMI OUT1 to the tv. Universal Dock is hooked up to Audio2. Cat6 cables go from the router to the receiver, apple tv, and ps3.

Everything was working fine since I hooked it all up back in May, up until last week when I bought a new tv stand. I pulled everything out of the old stand, hooked it all back up to the same inputs/outputs using the same cables, and when I turned the system on to watch cable, everything powered on correctly, the tv briefly flashed the boot screen of the dvr, then the HDMI in light on the receiver went out and the tv displayed the receiver's background. Tried power cycling everything a couple of times, still nothing. Then I tried switching to AV5 (apple tv), and the same thing happened again, this time showing the apple tv home screen, going black, showing a staticie mix of the home screen, then black again over and over. At this point I noticed that the "ground ok" light on the surge protector was off. Tried checking my connections, everything was tight, found that if i hooked the components directly to the tv, everything displayed fine. Then found that if i touched any of the components metal chassis' while holding any of the HDMI connections, I would get a small zap. Yamaha support had me take it in for service, couldn't find anything wrong with it, brought it back home and I still get the same problem. The only way to get the "ground ok" light to stay on is to have the f-pin cable hooked up to the dvr, while the hdmi out is connected from the dvr to the tv. If I unplug either of those cables from either end, the light turns off. Aside from the static from the apple tv, nothing will display through the receiver. No audio comes out of the speakers, and they only even show up on the receiver's display for the brief moment the signal comes through the apple tv.
Sorry for the wall of text, but I'm at wits end at this point. Its been over a week dealing with this, and I'm having a party tonight, was hoping to have everything working by now. Would having the power cords too close to the HDMI cables affect anything? Only other thing I can think to add is that when I moved to the house, time warner put some kind of signal booster, with a ground that goes into a plate underneath my breaker box, because the signal wasn't strong enough to be sent to the living room, and split between the modem/dvr for turbo. Any help you guys could give me would be awesome. If I cant fix this by lunch I'll have to call an electrician.
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Really all you can do is disconnect everything, absolutely everything, including speakers, power, cable and Ethernet, and try connecting things one by one. You should try a different power bar as well.

I'd start by plugging just the receiver and the TV directly into a wall socket and connecting them using a HDMI cable and verifying you can still see the OSD. Don't connect speakers or anything else, just those two power cables and the HDMI. Then plug your PlayStation 3 directly into another wall socket and connect it using a HDMI cable to your receiver. If that works then try your other HDMI devices one at a time, only connect each of them to power and to your receiver using HDMI. Don't connect their Ethernet or cable coax connections yet. It might be hard to get your cable box to display anything other than blank screen without the cable connected, but you can tell the difference between no signal and blank screen by whether the receiver displays its wallpaper. You'll probably run out of wall sockets at some point, try to use a different power bar first.

If that all works, then connect the Ethernet cables one by one. Then the cable TV cable and if all that works then your original power bar. Next connect your subwoofer, first without its surge protector and then with. Finally all the rest of the speakers.

Hopefully this will help you narrow down the problem. Or you may just want to call an electrician. If you're getting shocked there's definitely something wrong, and you risk damaging your equipment or even hurting yourself.

In order to get something working at your party you can try an abreviated version of this where you only try to get the minimum working for entertaining your guests. Moving the receiver somewhere else may help.
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