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aidenNYC's Avatar aidenNYC 08:01 AM 11-24-2012
I don't know if this was a mistake or what but I had it added to my cart, then it got removed cause it was out of stock, then I checked it again and its back in stock for $268.95. I then added to my cart and clicked free shipping and it then added a promotional discount of $130 which I have no idea what it is, it just said promotion applied. Received the confirmation email and it says I was charged 138.95.

LSG_Da_Bears's Avatar LSG_Da_Bears 09:24 AM 11-24-2012
No mistake unless the savings was to be part of a bundle deal.

From the website:
Special Offers and Product Promotions
Save $130.00 on every 1 Denon AVR 1613 Surround Receiver you purchase offered by HIDEF Lifestyle. Here's how (restrictions apply)

I think it shows regular price until check out is being processed and then applies the discount.
aidenNYC's Avatar aidenNYC 09:35 AM 11-24-2012
Ok, I'm glad it seems to be legit. I didn't buy any bundle, just purchased the 1613, and like you said it only showed the discount at checkout.
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 12:45 PM 11-24-2012
I just bought one too for $138.95 Why the heck not?
HotTubJohnny's Avatar HotTubJohnny 01:06 PM 11-24-2012
Pretty sure that's a price mistake.
On the hidef website, it shows 269, $130 cheaper than their regular price of 399. So you're getting the $130 off twice.
Hope it works out for you!
64deuce's Avatar 64deuce 01:40 PM 11-24-2012
WELL DAMN!!! This solves my debate on this vs the yamaha 671 HAHAHA. Hope it sticks!!!
cfelicio's Avatar cfelicio 08:56 PM 11-24-2012
mine shipped... the 1713 was also discounted ($100 off)!
wangh3's Avatar wangh3 10:09 PM 11-24-2012
is this still working? is there a promotional code?
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 10:55 PM 11-24-2012
Its gone. You're too late.
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 08:17 AM 11-25-2012
Review posts #1-6 in the Denon AVR-XX13 Owner's thread linked in my sig while waiting on your units to arrive. smile.gif
skidog's Avatar skidog 08:25 AM 11-25-2012
Son of a .... I would have got one for the bedroom for that price!mad.gif
64deuce's Avatar 64deuce 12:21 PM 11-25-2012
I changed my order and got the 1713 for $238 (they made a mistake) OTD. Good deal? Right choice?
cfelicio's Avatar cfelicio 12:29 PM 11-25-2012
The 1713 add some features (multeq xt and zone 2), but for an extra $100, I decided to stay with the 1613. smile.gif
64deuce's Avatar 64deuce 12:50 PM 11-25-2012
Hmmm that's what I was thinking. Anyone can chime in on whether or not those 2 things are really worth it? I could always return one : )
cfelicio's Avatar cfelicio 01:24 PM 11-25-2012
I will compare it with my current receiver (Onkyo nr709), which has MultEQ XT, But from what I read, it's not a huge difference as going from 2EQ to MultEQ. As for Zone 2, I don't use it, but for some people it is a deal breaker smile.gif
64deuce's Avatar 64deuce 02:12 PM 11-25-2012
My rxv661 had zone2 and I still don't know what it does exactly.
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 02:36 PM 11-25-2012
The bump to XT is worth the price of admission while Zone 2 allows you to play audio to another set of speakers in another room (eg. back patio, deck, bedroom).

afrogt's Avatar afrogt 02:51 PM 11-25-2012
got a confirmation that my AVR 1613 shipped! I should get it Tuesday.

If this comes thru what a great deal!
cfelicio's Avatar cfelicio 06:15 PM 11-25-2012
yes, deal of the year for me lol! smile.gif
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 12:24 AM 11-28-2012
Got my 1613 on Tuesday. What a great purchase for $139. Really loving the network functions and internet radio. Should've purchased two!
tjernie's Avatar tjernie 02:36 PM 12-28-2012
I'm really hating all of you that got it for $139.00.

Lucky bastards! tongue.gif
braves22's Avatar braves22 11:35 AM 12-31-2012
Originally Posted by tjernie View Post

I'm really hating all of you that got it for $139.00.
Lucky bastards! tongue.gif


I just bought one today for $310.....wish I would've knew about that deal.
smartby25's Avatar smartby25 02:36 PM 01-23-2013
I got mine for 299+Tax=338$, I added with Jamo S606-HCS3 for 499+Tax=565$ ..
This is my first set too..any setting suggestions?
sojodave's Avatar sojodave 02:44 PM 01-23-2013
I got mine on an Open Box at Best Buy for $250. FYI, I upgraded from an Onkyo 604, there was a huge difference in imaging and surround balance.
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