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12-02-2012 | Posts: 8
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I have an 8 year old HT system with a Rotel 1056 AVR and B&W 602 fronts, 601 rears, center channel and sub. I'm starting to think about upgrading and am considering the Marantz SR6007 or Anthem MRX500. I'm considering these 2 AVR's for their HDMI capabilities and am also hoping that the room correction features might bring some new life to my speakers because I can't afford to upgrade them yet. What are your thoughts on Audessy vs. ARC room correction and re: the tonal qualities of these AVR's when powering the B&W speakers?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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12-03-2012 | Posts: 8
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Hi All. Sorry for the bump, but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts.
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12-07-2012 | Posts: 607
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Originally Posted by mandomoose View Post

Hi All. Sorry for the bump, but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts.
Well both are great avrs..but I have been on the anthem thread reading because I def. Want the mrx-500.. From what everyone is saying ..the sound is absoulutly amazing!.. Also arc is much more accurate than audessy for room the anthem is a dam nice looking receiver and the video processing is first class..but both the marantz and anthem are great..can't go wrong with either one..but I would get the anthem!
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12-13-2012 | Posts: 57
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I am actually considering the same two amps to run monitor audio silver series 7.1 setup (i bought them a few years ago, RS6 x2; RS-LCR; RS W12; RS-fx x4). Any one had the opportunity to compare them in person. Isn't the anthem model slightly older than Marantz? or were both released this year?
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12-13-2012 | Posts: 8
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Just wanted to give interested readers an update. I stumbled upon an amazing deal on an open box Marantz 6006 at Best Buy for $427. This model is very similar to the 6007. I have not had a ton of time to play with it yet, but I set it up, ran Audyssey and have listened to some music and watched a few TV shows with the new receiver. There is a noticeable improvement in the clarity of dialog with TV and movies and much more detail and "presence" in the surround channels. WIth music, the sound is more balanced with better articulation in the bass. Overall, the sound may be a little less warm than with my old Rotel 1056, but it is by no means cold or clinical. The HDMI switching works well and it has been a pleasure to get rid of some of the "spaghetti" in my AV cabinet and simplify my life. Connecting the Marantz 6006 to my network was easy and upgrading firmware and listening to Internet radio has been fun.

I hope this information is helpful to someone. I agree that with the many wonderful choices in the marketplace today, it's hard to go wrong as long as you do your homework!
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