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12-06-2012 | Posts: 3
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I have recently bought this receiver and after following the interactive installation instructions, everything seemed to work ok, but i quickly discovered that airplay was not working. The device is available on my iphone but choosing it turns the AirPlay icon orange for a couple of seconds only to return to its default setting (to play on its own speakers)
I tried updating it and now it is stuck in a loop where it displays "Update retry" and restarts after about a minute. I am able to make it stop this behavior by manually updating it, but now its stuck in "authenticating" I read the official thread and it said that it was normal to take up to several hours in this state before actually starting the update. (this is something i find very strange, what kind of product is this really?) But after several hours it just simply turns itself off, and its back to the same restart-loop. Network seems to function i can ping the receiver from my laptop.

-resetting it by holding down both buttons and turning it on, but the same loop continues however the "update retry" message only blinks before resuming the normal first time setup ordeal (it even continues to restart during the setup only to continue the installation)
-disabled upnp on my router (read somewhere that this may be the problem)
-set a static ip instead of dhcp

I find it mildy annoying to drive 2 hours one way to get to the store and get a refund or replacement for this product that is obviously quite faulty.. mad.gif

Anyone got a suggestion?
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12-06-2012 | Posts: 8,044
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My understanding is that many of Denon's current receivers have two options: "check for firmware update" and "perform firmware update". Supposedly if you choose the latter, it works more reliably.
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12-07-2012 | Posts: 3
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Yes, this is what i have done now, i am still not sure it worked, but it stopped rebooting.
However airplay is still not working, itunes etc gives me no error but using Airfoil and i get the following error:

Domain: SSAirfoilErrorDomain

Code: -1500

NSLocalizedDescription: RTSP Protocol Error

NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion: Airfoil received an unexpected status code (Code: 500, Reason: Internal Server Error).

SSHTTPStatusCodeKey: 500

SSRTSPRequest: SETUP rtsp:// RTSP/1.0
Active-Remote: 1297484716
Transport: RTP/AVP/UDP;unicast;interleaved=0-1;mode=record;control_port=6002;timing_port=6003
User-Agent: Airfoil/4.5.7 (Macintosh; N; Intel)
X-Slipstream-Remote-Port: 30207
Client-Instance: AD4E6F37C3B7E0E4
DACP-ID: E1071E4CC3CF8349
CSeq: 3

SSRTSPResponse: RTSP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error
Server: AirTunes/103.2
CSeq: 3

Also the web interface is all black on the receivers IP (http)
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