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12-06-2012 | Posts: 17
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Ok so i just got a denon avr, i connected the power and turned it on started messing with stuff to check it out, was on for about 30 minutes. I then shut it off and connected coax digital and 5.1 to test it out, when i turned it back on it went on then off again, so i figured i had some crossed lines, i disconnected everything then turned back, same thing on and then off again after first click. So i tired the next thing and did the processor reset, reset worked fine, then went to power on, and again on and then off immediately. At this point im assuming i have an internal short or something, i cleaned the inside with air and shook it about a bit to make sure there was nothing in there, still no dice. So either i ****ed it up somehow or the problem just happened to manifest at that moment for some reason, idk but this sucks. Somewhat up shits creek here i think.

So either i return it to seller and get my money back, or i could buy a warranty cost me an extra 40 bucks and i can send it off to be fixed, and either they fix it or i get my money back anyways, but i cant file a claim until 45 days later so in all ill have to wait about 55 days or so to get it sorted that way.

avr in question is 2309ci
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Disconnect everything from the AVR .. .sources ... speaker wire. If it still shuts down, then return it.
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Yup looks like ill send it back, gonna just go through a proper source i guess like accesories4less and get a 890 refurb or something.
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