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Ffred's Avatar Ffred 11:58 AM 12-10-2012
Hey folks.
My system is as follows. Pioneer elite SC-05. Sony BDP-S350 BD player. HD sat, PC, Laptop, WII, PS3 (Newer 160 gig New samsung UN60es6500 3d smart TV

I recently had my son playing a PS3 game that was 3d. It is connected to the pioneer using a hdmi, and passes to the tv. It began displaying the PS3 game in 3d.
I was uner the understanding that the SC-05 would not pass 3d content? Am i missing something here? It started in 3d automatically, i did not force a 2d image to convert to 3d using the tv. I turned on the glasses to check it out and it was working properly.

Stumped. I haven't tried a true BD in 3d. I know that my sony BDP-S350 isn't 3D, but my ps3 is.
Thought anyone?


afrogt's Avatar afrogt 12:34 PM 12-10-2012
Which version of HDMI does this receiver have? 1.3 or 1.4?
Ffred's Avatar Ffred 01:02 PM 12-10-2012
To my knowledge.. it should be 1.3 as it is at least 3 or 4 years old now.. and all my hdmi cables are most likely 1.3
ccotenj's Avatar ccotenj 02:52 PM 12-10-2012


"some" flavors of 3d will pass successfully through "some" 1.3 chipsets... this seemingly is highly device/implementation dependent, judging by anecdotal evidence...

@the op...

the cables (as long as they are short) will likely not make a difference (cables come in two flavors, "standard speed" and "high speed", there is no "spec level" designation for hdmi cables anymore).... if your cables are labeled "high speed" (it should say on the cable jacket), you should be good to go, until you start going to longer lengths, where other solutions (hdmi over cat6 extenders) may become necessary...

"frame packed" 3d (what you get from a bluray) is highly unlikely to pass through a 1.3 chipset in an avr (read: it ain't gonna... tongue.gif )... the ps3 will pass it, because they used it's relatively immense processing power to emulate...

it would be easy enough for you to try though... rent a 3d disk and see what happens... like everything else with hdmi, it'll either "work" or "not work"...
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