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solat152's Avatar solat152 10:52 PM 12-13-2012
Is the Denon 2313 price increase make it that much better than the 1913. It has less power per channel. I have the 1913, unopened, then someone told me that the 2313 is much better. I could still return it. I got some Polk Monitor 70's for cheap. The 1913 should be fine for these right? I'm new to this whole HT thing.

Miztress's Avatar Miztress 03:16 AM 12-14-2012

Read the first couple of posts in that thread. It will explain all and then some. smile.gif
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 04:31 AM 12-14-2012
The power per channel difference will be moot. The main difference is the 2313CI offers the better version of Audyssey MultEQ XT than the 1913, but yes, the 1913 will be more than sufficient for your Polks. There's no reason to spend the additional funds unless you have money to burn. smile.gif
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