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Pinecallado's Avatar Pinecallado 11:08 PM 12-26-2012
I just setted up my Yamaha YHT-497 5.1-Channel Home Theater System. It is my first home theater system. Unfortunately, it doesn't have hdmi pass through so all my devices that can only connect through composite (My wii) and component (My cable box) will not work when I connect my TV to my Receiver via hdmi.

This image has a picture of all the connections on the back of my cable box. Unfortunately, when I got hdtv a few years ago my cable company gave me an ancient cable box from around 2005 (at least that's what the discussion results say when I google search my cable box) that doesn't even have hdmi.

I think dvi is suppose to be as good as hdmi right? If I use a DVI to hdmi converter will the picture quality be the same?

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 04:54 AM 12-27-2012
For the Wii you can purchase a Wii2HDMI.

If the cable box is that old it's likely not even capable of passing HD channels (ie. 720p, 1080i) and in that case the video resolution you're getting now is likely only 480p. If this is true, then using the DVI isn't going to do anything for you. Rather simply connect the current component video cable from the cable box directly to the TV (or you can connect it to the Yamaha and then another component video cable from the Yamaha to the TV).
Ross Ridge's Avatar Ross Ridge 01:02 PM 12-27-2012
The Explorer 4200HD support HDTV formats like 1080i. You should be able to use a DVI to HDMI adapter without problem and without any loss of video quality. HDMI is essentially just an extended version of DVI, the adapter is a passive device that just connects the HDMI pins to the equivilent DVI pins.

You might also be able to convince your cable company to replace your box with something more modern.
Pinecallado's Avatar Pinecallado 08:28 PM 12-28-2012
Thanks for the help everyone! I finally figured it out. I'm using the digital coaxial wire that came with my htib to connect my cablebox to my receiver so I can use all five speakers. I could only use 2 speakers with the red and white RCA cables.

The bad thing is now I need a new coaxial cable for my subwoofer!
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 08:53 PM 12-28-2012
why don't you use one of the red/white cables for your digital coaxial and put the subwoofer cable back? You can either use red or white, it doesn't matter just be consistent on both ends.
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 06:27 AM 12-29-2012
You can use the "yellow" composite video RCA cable as a suitable substitute for a digital coax cable as they are both 75-ohm cables.
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