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12-28-2012 | Posts: 103
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Well, I think it's about time to change my audio gear.. sad as it is.. I'm coming from a Linn LP12, Naim 42.5 / 140 combo - that's the kind of sound that I like and a 2 channel setup is fine with me. Surround is nice and all, but I would prefer a simple higher quality music capacity to complexity.

I had my rig long before all the various A/V sources etc, now we have a game system, DVR, AppleTV, bluray, maybe one other HDMI'able source component, and network capability for streaming FLAC files would be nice - it's gotten much more complex! That, and the various sources (all going through the TV now) have wildly differing output levels etc, and along the way I added a wife who is sensitive to loud volume changes.... rolleyes.gif

Is there something that might fit the bill for a musical, 2 channel integrated that can integrate A/V inputs and run out to the TV for display while being able to 'normalize' for the audio input differences? I've lived with my nap 140 for years (2x70 watts) and that output is more than enough I will likely need until I have a concrete bunker. Thanks for the help. My little town does not have a place where I can audition any gear so any suggestions are appreciated. I would be selling my naim gear to finance the receiver, so I would hope to be able to get $600 for it, that is my budget. I'll be keeping the 2way Brit bookshelf speakers for now.
Ross Ridge's Avatar Ross Ridge
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12-28-2012 | Posts: 1,550
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A multichannel AV receiver is the only thing that would work with all those sources. I don't know of any stereo integrated amp with HDMI support, and if one exists it would cost a lot more than $600.

As for the added complexity, well, what you're asking for is a lot more complex than what you're using now. Just ignore the extra channels you're not using.

One warning though, at $600 it might be hard to find something new with a phono input. You can save a lot of money by using an external phono pre-amp.
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12-28-2012 | Posts: 103
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Great - thanks for the headsup - Onkyo TX-NR809 THX at amazon is $469, phono input... seems like it has a lot of features. Mixed reviews - but not sure what the 'leveling' feature might be called where you can adjust each input to normalize the volume?
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It's called IntelliVolume. At least that's what Onkyo calls it in my Onkyo 805 manual.
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12-28-2012 | Posts: 1,550
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Just about any receiver should allow you to manually set a volume offset for each input. It's a basic enough feature that it won't show up in feature lists, you'll have to check the manual verify it.

There are technologies like Dolby Volume which can do this automatically, not just for different inputs but also different programmes on the same input.
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