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Nav117's Avatar Nav117 06:59 PM 12-30-2012
I have a fiarly old Pioneer VSA-E07 amp and was wondering how I would connect my Sony subwoofer to it. The sony subwoofer runs on a coaxial cable, but I don't think I can use this on my amp.

Heres the connections for the amp;

Any ideas and advice on what type of sub I could run off this amp would be highly appreciated smile.gif

Yosh70's Avatar Yosh70 07:14 PM 12-30-2012
Uh, try SW connection on the pre-outs?
Secret Squirrel's Avatar Secret Squirrel 07:24 PM 12-30-2012
Are you sure about the Sony sub using coax? If it does it's old and can't be used. Looking at the back of your receiver it does have pre outs including a subwoofer pre out. You can use any subwoofer with an RCA connection. Use an RCA cable from the back of the sub to the subwoofer out on the receiver.
Nav117's Avatar Nav117 03:59 AM 12-31-2012
Hi thank you for the reply, yeh im certain it uses coaxial because its a old sub now. I dont have any other outputs on the sub other than coaxial!

Thanks alot for the advice, was really helpful!
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