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astropilot's Avatar astropilot 06:24 PM 12-31-2012
My wife bought me an 1913 for Christmas and I finally got it setup 3 days ago. Been great till today. I had everything setup on via the Option button on my Favorites Memory (under NETWORK). Today I come home and I click FAVORITES and the program hangs and locks up. It just sits there. I cannot scroll to anything else. I eventually have to hit another source to "get out" of the locked screen.

All firmware has been updated after install. I have also performed a reset. Problem persists.

Thought I would try here before calling Tech Support.



jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 06:28 PM 12-31-2012
Welcome to AVS Forum. smile.gif

Try unplugging the AVR for a few minutes.

Also note there is a dedicated thread for Denon AVR-XX13 owners linked in my sig. Review posts #3-6 in that thread for more helpful information.
astropilot's Avatar astropilot 06:40 PM 12-31-2012
Thank you. It would make since to post there in that thread. Duh!

I tried unplugging as you suggested to no avail. Still an issue.

I will re-post in the other thread.

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 04:08 AM 01-01-2013
Right ... as other owners can chime in with their own experience that may help resolve your issue. smile.gif
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