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bigfoot1794's Avatar bigfoot1794 11:55 PM 01-01-2013
I recently bought a Denon AVR-590 receiver with Boston speakers to play movies from my computer and play games on my xbox 360 on my Samsung SyncMaster monitor.
I've been able to hook up the xbox by running both an hdmi cable and composite audio cables from the xbox to the receiver then a hdmi cable from the receiver to a hdmi to DVI converter plugged into the monitor. With that the xbox worked perfectly, however when I take the hdmi cable from the xbox and plug it into my video card in my computer I can't get anything to show up but a black screen.

The computer is running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with service pack 1 and 8 gb of RAM. The video card is an AMD Radeon HD 6670.

If I go to Control Panel - Hardware and Sounds - Sound I get this.

I've looked at this post but it didn't seem to help.
Setting the resolution doesn't change it and the DVI connection isn't analog correct?

I've tried playing with different settings and inputs on the receiver but I have yet to have any luck.

Sorry for the long post I just want to make sure I'm thorough. Can anyone give me some ideas on what to do to get this working?

bigfoot1794's Avatar bigfoot1794 03:30 PM 01-02-2013
Any help would be appreciated.
bigfoot1794's Avatar bigfoot1794 05:39 PM 01-04-2013
Alright so I was messing around with settings and stuff on the Samsung monitor while I had my computer (opened to the Catalyst Control Center detect displays page) connected by a VGA cable to another monitor and the receiver by HDMI. The receiver was connected to the Samsung monitor by the HDMI - DVI cable. There was a button on the monitor that I assume changes the input between digital and analog. If I switch the monitor to Analog the computer shows this on the other monitor.

That shows me that my computer and monitor are communicating but only when the monitor won't show it.
What's going on???
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