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Hey Guys, I've been fighting with this for over a week now and thought I would pick your brains before I threw my arms in the air and said **** it.

I'll give you a little equipment list so you know what I'm working with here

TV - Panasonic TC-P65VT50
Receiver - Pioneer VSX-53 Elite (7.1/7.2 Receiver, I am using it in 7.2 setup with 2 subwoofers)
Speakers - Klipsch Reference (Front - RF-82 / Surround - RS-62 / Back - RF-62 / Center - RC-62 / Subwoofer - RSW-10x2)
PC - Home Built with AMD Sound card with 7.1 out over HDMI

So what I do is output movies/tv shows from my pc to my receiver which outputs to the TV.

I don't actually have any 7.1 blu-rays or anything, but the 7.1 video games I have for my ps3 all work just fine, all speakers have audio (so I know it's hooked up properly)

the majority of videos (mostly movies I have ripped) that are encoded with either DTS/DD, while they are only 5.1 audio tracks, If I set my receiver to either DTS+Neo:6, or Dolby Digital EX, (both are the source audio, these settings I believe are pass-through) audio will come through all the speakers just fine

I understand Dolby Digital EX was originally created to create a 6.1 setup (back center channel) but if I'm using my xbox360, and have it set to Digital EX, all speakers have sound coming through them. that's what I've been using for over a year

I was just watching Dexter season 1, and noticed that the rear right speaker has no audio coming through it, even though my receiver is set on Dolby Digital EX, DTS+Neo:6 isn't even an option this time, its missing from the list. If i set my receiver to do the audio on the receiver side (no pass-through), and have it set to PLIIX movie or something, the right back works fine, although very quiet

If I do a speaker test in Start/Control Panel/Sound/AMD HDMI Ouput/Configure Speakers, I can play a test tone from all my speakers, they all work just fine (when no video is on, my computer outputs 7.1 PCM)

I have even tried setting it to EXT. STEREO, normally that works to play sound from all speakers, and still nothing for that one episode of Dexter (Along with a few other movies and most tv shows)

I don't know how long it's been like this as I normally sit closer to the left back speaker on the couch, so I've never really heard much from that side anyways

Sorry this post is kind of all over the place, I was trying to list everything that I had tried to do here haha

So, long story short, does anyone have a setup like this or have an idea how to fix this, if there's some setting to change, or is it the way they're encoded or is it because i'm trying to convert 5.1 to 7.1 on the fly here?

thanks in advance for your time guys!
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