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to5002002's Avatar to5002002 05:34 PM 01-05-2013
I just bought a HK AVR 1700. I like most of the features, for the price, however I have not been able connect to my home network to share media from my windows 7 computer. Apparently the use of Airplay depends on this connection, so I can't use that either. The odd part is that the Vtuner does work to play internet radio, so I would have to assume its not a bad network cable. Vtuner connects in a couple seconds, but when I hit the network key on the remote to switch to media sharing it just gets stuck om the "connecting" screen. Anybody else had this problem? Could it be my sharing settings on my computer? I've turned them all on, but to no avail.


dRockHK's Avatar dRockHK 10:44 PM 01-05-2013
To use airplay and the media streaming functions, the AVR must be connected to the *same* network as the other devices (which of course must be on)
The AVR can be on any source when making an airplay connection, it will interrupt the source material

On your pc, network discovery, file sharing and media streaming must all be turned on.
HK has a downloadable program on their site called "harman media manager". This program will quickly make sure your PC is configured properly for media sharing and also provides some playback/media pushing/play queue options as well. All of your available shared music will be listed after the program is done searching.
to5002002's Avatar to5002002 08:25 PM 01-09-2013
Thanks for the reply Drock, I downloaded the software, (which of course the User manual never told me about) and I 'm pretty sure I have all the correct sharing settings on my computer. I even temporarily turned off the firewall to try it, but still a no-go. Harman K people won't even answer their phone, either.....any other ideas? is there a special command in the software to search for equipment on the network?
fatdms's Avatar fatdms 03:37 PM 02-07-2013
I'm having the same exact problem as the OP. I too can connect to vTuner without a problem but get stuck on the "connecting" screen for other network access. Wondering if the issue was ever resolved and if not if anyone has any other suggestions.
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