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mbesspiata's Avatar mbesspiata 10:09 AM 01-07-2013
I have the above receiver and it is connected to my samsung smart tv, blu ray player, and Verizon Fios cable box. I can turn the cable box, tv and tuner on with at tone time with the cable remote (set that up on the receiver). The only problem I have is that the setting that defaults on the receiver is TV/CD and I have to then select CBL/SAT on the receiver remote to get the picture to come through.
I have the bluray and tv run through the receiver with HDMI cables.
How can I get the receiver to default to the CBL/SAT setting instead of the TV/CD setting?


djtoodles's Avatar djtoodles 09:46 AM 02-19-2013
did you ever figure this out? I have been trying to do the same thing.
mbesspiata's Avatar mbesspiata 09:55 AM 02-19-2013
No. I have had no replies and cannot find a way to make this go to CBL/SAT. I have to wait until the receiver comes on, goes to the TV setting and then use the receiver remote to change it to the cable setting..

Can't believe someone on this forum has not been able to supply an answer.

afrogt's Avatar afrogt 10:55 AM 02-19-2013
Maybe you have HDMI control enabled on the receiver and it is automatically turning to the TV input because it senses your TV is connected.

I don't have this receiver so I can't give you a specific answer. Have you tried posting in the Onkyo forum?

I know a Harmony universal remote would do the trick though.
mbesspiata's Avatar mbesspiata 11:05 AM 02-19-2013
I do have HDMI enabled because I want the receiver to come on when I turn on the cable and tv.
hobblerman's Avatar hobblerman 03:34 PM 04-10-2013
Mbesspiata, I have the same problem. Onkyo 515, Sky STB, Samsung TV plus Blu Ray. All connected through the AVR by HDMI and AVR connected to Samsung Tv through main HDMI out. Switch on by TV or by AVR and defaults first to Sky STB then to TV/CD. Result, have to invoke CBL/Sat on Onkyo AVR to get back to the Sky STB. Have looked around other posts and found a solution here:
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