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a_user's Avatar a_user 04:37 PM 01-14-2013
Hi Guys,

Im in the process of purchasing a new sub 500 dollar receiver. I am interested in comparing these two models of pioneer to a denon avr-1713.

Viewing the specs of these two pioneer's side by side on the website, the 1122 shows as having advanced MCACC and the 1022 as Auto. I am trying to understand the difference between the advanced and auto. My interpretation is that the advanced will let you customize the results after calibration has been completed where the Auto option wont (but that seems counter-productive). If I were to choose the the 1022, would I be missing the advanced mcacc functionality? Is there a lot of difference between in feature set between these two versions of mcacc?

It should be noted that I do not require the 7.2 functionality of the 1122. Was only considering it because of a sale price and the advanced mcacc.

javygonx's Avatar javygonx 11:18 PM 01-20-2013
For $550 you can get the pioneer 1222 on newegg. Dont think it twice and get it. Advamced mcacc is much better than mcacc. It calculates reverbs on your room and try to smooth every channel as much as possilbe.
GaryWA's Avatar GaryWA 11:43 PM 01-20-2013
I second the 1222. Both the 1022 and 1122 are severely underpowered, and I believe the 1222 with the Class D amp is MUCH better.

In fact, I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on the 1222 soon as well (waiting for new models so price goes even lower)
javygonx's Avatar javygonx 10:27 AM 01-21-2013
Let me know if you get it Gary. And yes D3 amps is so much powerful and audio is so clear and detailed. Getting the 1222 below $550 brand new is like a miracle at this moments. I believe they are already at tne lowest price because new models are on the corner.. $550 with free shipping is a steal, Sadly I payed $599 plus $79 shippping two weeks ago. But honesty that was the best investment from all receivers I had in the past. The other receiver that was on my top list was a Marantz SR6003, Too bad I sold it for $575 3 years ago.
The_Legend's Avatar The_Legend 11:02 AM 01-21-2013
I have the same doubt, but in my case the 1222 is not an option, as I'm not willing to spend more then US$ 400 on the receiver. From what I understand, the main difference between the 1222 and the 1122 is the power of the amp, right? I don't need much power, since my HT room is only 11.5' x 11.5'.
BlakRam's Avatar BlakRam 06:14 PM 02-07-2013
I too am deciding between these two AVR's. I'm really only looking for something basic with HDMI. It's for my living room and not my, hopefully soon, theater room. It's a $100 difference between the two and I'm leaning towards saving the money and getting the 1022??? Besides the added power, the only thing that I may be interested in is the WiFi. If I go wired, I guess it doesn't matter.
javygonx's Avatar javygonx 09:45 PM 02-07-2013
1022 comes with simple MCACC, AVNavigator2012 is only on 1122 not on 1022 and 1122 comes with Advanced mcacc. As for 1222 internally is better contruction; better components, better amps. D3 amps are really awesome; not because of its power but also for its clarity, detail, runs colds too and also has advanced mcacc
BlakRam's Avatar BlakRam 09:56 PM 02-07-2013
What is avnavigator?
hyghwayman's Avatar hyghwayman 03:40 AM 02-08-2013
I have the 1122 and wish I had waited a lil bit lonager and got the 1222. The 1122 works great and I have no issues driving my inefficient Pioneer speakers.

avnavigator is a app that allows you to control the receiver with a smart phone,
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