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Soupy1970's Avatar Soupy1970 01:08 PM 01-21-2013
I'm looking for a good entry level receiver. Important factors are speaker setup, good wattage per channel, Sub output, HDMI 1.4. Used for Movies/TV shows 99% of the time.

I really don't need a lot of HDMI inputs. The receiver will hook to computer with HDMI and then HDMI out to TV. Might hook one or two things to it down the road but not anytime soon. The computer takes the need away of any external devices. Of coarse I have no complaints with plenty of extra HDMI ports.

Receiver will hook to Klipsch speaker set up. RB-61II/front, RC-25/center (going to upgrade later to RC-52), RF-15/rear (going to match fronts with bookshelf or surrounds later), & RW10/Sub (Upgrade to RW12 later). Everything except the fronts are on loan from brother cause he just moved into apartment & has no room now. That is why I will be changing a little later to match the fronts I am planning to buy now.

I am a complete newbie to all this so the most important factor is easy calibration of receiver and speakers. I did just order a used radio shack SPL meter, but I am not sure if I will technically be able to figure out how to properly use it. I have the Disney WOW blu-ray, but if there is a better software package that a complete newbie can easily figure out I would appreciate recommendations on that too. Even if the new receiver doesn't need it. I have a Onkyo HTIB I can use it on that will be in sons room. Onky was a impulse buy that I was not happy with which led me on this upgrade path. Luckily my brother was nice enough to pull his 2006 setup out of storage to get me started on the right foot.

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