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A couple months ago, I had an issue configuring my AVR146 (I couldn't get the full OSD to display), so I had to reset the configs, and I'm about to start the installation from the initial startup. I didn't have much connected to it before, so I'm planning from the ground up and want to solidify my decisions before I fire it up.

My main hurdle was my PC (HDMI, composite, SPDIF), which is 30 feet away from the receiver. I didn't want to run a SPDIF cable that far, and the default audio for HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 are digital coax and optical, respectively. That leads to one of my main questions -- can I effectively run a SPDIF cable this distance? I've seen mostly no responses around my searches, but monoprice sells a 35' (and even up to 100) -

And this is where I encountered my initial issue -- since I was reluctant to run a 30' SPDIF cable, I figured I would just use composite, but that meant I would have to change the default audio source association for one of the HDMI inputs. Since I couldn't access the OSD, I reset the configs and am starting from square one. Another note before I go into this -- I also have the Harmony Touch that I'm going to set up after I get everything connected and working as needed. I'm just trying to nail down all of my uncertainties before diving into the Initial Setup.

Here are all of my sources and display with planned inputs:
  • A/V Receiver: Harmon Kardon AVR146
  • STB: VZFiOS Cisco CHS 335HDC - HDMI 1 and digital coax audio via Coax2
  • PC: HP Desktop w HDMI & SPDIF - HDMI 2 and digital SPDIF via Optical2 (if I can run a 30' cable) or/and composite via VID2 port if I can assign it?) audio
  • BluRay: LG BD530 - Component 1 and digital coax audio via Coax1
  • Game System: MS XBOX 360 - HDMI to TV but adding XBOX AV cable to AVR146 for audio (can I use the VID1, VID2, or maybe the CD input if I'm only using the AVR146 for the audio?)
I will also have an S-Video or composite video cable connected for the monitor output/OSD. I tried both of these before, but could only get the mini OSD to display and not the full, hence the reset.

After reading through the manual, I have a few questions/comments that I'm hoping someone can clarify for me:
  • The HK manual recommends connecting backup cables, such as both digital and analog audio connections for a given source."For sources that are capable of both digital and analog audio, you may wish to make both connections. If you wish to record materials from DVDs or other copy-protected sources, you may only be able to do so using analog connections." Is this the only reason you would do that? or is it because - "Multichannel analog connections are used with some high-definition sources where the copy-protected digital content is decoded inside the source." - If this is recommended, why could I near not hear audio from my PC when connected via composite? Or is it because I only had analog connected and not both digital and analog? The manual states, "By default, the analog audio inputs are assigned to all sources at the factory other than the DVD and Video 2 sources, which default to Coax 1 and Optical 1, respectively, and the HDMI 1 and 2 source, which default to the Coaxial 2 and Optical 2 inputs." -- so does this mean I don't run backup analog audio cables for DVD/VID2/HDMI?
  • The manual also recommends connecting the STB to the Video 2 Source (Video 2 Analog Audio & Optical 1 Digital Audio), but I'm connecting it via HDMI 1 and Coax 2 as noted above.
  • Also recommended is to only use the Video 3 Source "for components that are only temporarily connected to the receiver, such as cameras and game consoles, although the remote is preprogrammed to operate a TV when the Video 3 source is selected" -- but it seems I have some unused audio inputs in the back like VID1/VID2/CD that I can use for the XBOX, as noted above. I would just have to configure these inputs in the Initial Setup, correct?
  • What are everyone's thoughts on running everything through the receiver? For instance, I'm using the two HDMIs for the STB and PC, BluRay via component, and those are all to the AVR146. But my XBOX is going to the TV via HDMI. Should I hook up the PC and XBOX via HDMI and the STB and BluRay via component so they all run to the receiver?

Thanks everyone in advance for any advice you might be able to throw my way before I jump in.
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