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Daveburt's Avatar Daveburt
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01-26-2013 | Posts: 10
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Hi Folks...

I don't post here often, but I know there are a lot of Hi-Fi gurus here so I thought I'd ask. smile.gif

I have a Carver AV-505 (5x80w) amp that is starting to show it's age.
There's one input pot that's a little flakey and a relay that clicks a few times when I turn it on.
One of the speaker terminals is also stripped (not a real problem since I'm using banana clips).

I really like the sound of the Carver and I can get these minor problems fixed for ~$80...
Then again, I could spend a little more and pick up an Emotiva UPA-500 or a Rotel RB-985 used for ~$300.

All my gear was close to top of the line ~15 years ago, and to my ears it still sounds good. biggrin.gif

The Amp is the only thing that's iffy. Would there be any advantage to spending a litlle more $$$ and upgrading the amp to the Emo or Rotel?

Just for reference, the rest of my gear consists of:
HEAD: B&K Ref.50 S2
Speakers: Infinity (Tower mains, Sub and surrounds)

I realize a lot of this stuff is subjective, and I do like the sound of my gear!
Just wondered if anyone thinks it would be worth the $$$ to buy a new amp (more modern equipment).


Christian's Avatar Christian
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01-27-2013 | Posts: 231
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If you like the sound of the Carver, I'd say stay with it and get it fixed. But you don't know what else is about to give up the ghost inside. If the shop you're having the amp serviced at can do a good once-over on the amp after fixing, and replace items that could be questionable, then that might be a good option - but it would drive the cost up.

If you can drop the dough - I'd opt for the Rotel.
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01-27-2013 | Posts: 10
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Originally Posted by Christian View Post

If you can drop the dough - I'd opt for the Rotel.

Thanks for the reply Christian...

I'm not very familiar with Rotel amps.
Would that be a better option the the Emotiva? They've gotten pretty good reviews (even though the UPA-500 is one of they're budget options).
Christian's Avatar Christian
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03-09-2013 | Posts: 231
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Sorry for the late reply; what did you end up doing? I'm probably too late for my comments, but here they are.

I've only heard Emotiva's in fellow enthusiasts' homes and can't really comment; the system context were totally different. One of my friends does have Dunlavy speakers as well, and I thought the Emotiva's a bit to bright for me (I have Dunlavy's as well).

I've always liked the Rotel sound. I had a Rotel RMB-985 as a "loaner" in between upgrading to tubes and it was fantasic (maybe I was biased at the price: it was a free loaner! rolleyes.gif). Smooth, detailed on the top end.

However, I've never taken them head-to-head, so take what I say a little with a grain of salt.
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