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mattm06's Avatar mattm06 08:27 PM 02-01-2013
Is there any place I can get a deal on this avr? Or is it too late for the model year. I see that accessories4less has a refurb for $499. I'm torn between this and the 2113

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 04:32 AM 02-02-2013
Give both AVS Sales as well as Electronics Expo, J&R, OneCall, and Wide World Stereo (as well as the other authorized on line dealers listed on Denon's website) a "call" to see if they still have the model in inventory and what their best price is as they will all likely have varying closeout prices if still available.
mattm06's Avatar mattm06 07:01 AM 02-02-2013
Thank you! I called avscience and j&r since they were open. Avscience by far gave me the best price and was not worth waiting until Monday to call around to other places. I got the 2113ci since after much research I decided that best fit me current and possible future needs.
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 07:06 AM 02-02-2013
Great! Start looking at the first 6 posts in the Denon AVR-XX13 Owner's thread linked in my sig to get familiar with the information available there. You'll also want to spend time reading the Audyssey 101/FAQ Guide linked in my sig as well to ensure you setup the Audyssey mic properly using either a camera tripod or mic boom stand (both of which are listed in that guide for purchase on Amazon).
mattm06's Avatar mattm06 11:53 AM 02-03-2013
I tried to look this up quickly but couldn't find an answer. I'm in the middle of running speaker wire during my home renovation and I want to know if the 2113 will allow for independent volume control from the iPhone app in zone 2? Or should I wire for a volume
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 12:03 PM 02-03-2013
If the speakers are connected the the AVR it should (although cannot confirm as I don't use the app), however, if connected to an external amp it won't.
mattm06's Avatar mattm06 03:33 PM 02-03-2013
Thanks for the quick answer. Very anxious to get this renovation completed and sit down in my new home theater setup for the first time!
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