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Chriscorv58's Avatar Chriscorv58 03:27 PM 02-04-2013
I found a local add on craigslist with an Acurus a250 amplifier for sale. The seller is saying the right channel over heats and shuts down, Could this be an easy fix? Thanks

Secret Squirrel's Avatar Secret Squirrel 06:38 PM 02-04-2013
It could be worth purchasing if the price is right. Cheap I mean. The A250 is known to be a good performer and have a long lifespan. From a design standpoint the Acurus is a simple design in the way the circuits are made. It's not an overly complicated amplifier. I have read that the capacitors are fairly expensive if one goes bad. If you have a good AV repair shop in your area a bench test of the amp to diagnose the problem will probably cost $30-$50 dollars. It's up to you if you want to take a chance. You have to wonder why the current owner hasn't had the amp checked out already? The channel overheating could be a problem with his speaker and nothing to do with the amplifier. If you're lucky that will be the case. Good luck.
Chriscorv58's Avatar Chriscorv58 06:45 PM 02-04-2013
Thanks for the reply. I would consider it to be on the extreamly cheap side. Maybe I'll take a shot.
dgdupertuis's Avatar dgdupertuis 09:48 AM 03-18-2013
I have seen your post about the Acurus A 250 and I am trying to find oppinions about the old pre-amp Acurus Act-3 designed by Karl Suager. I have been offered to buy one, but I am not sure wether it is worth it or not. Could you let me know your oppinion?
Thanks you very much!
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