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02-07-2013 | Posts: 22
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So after years of enjoying my my Denon 3805 (and having purchased a brand new plasma), it's time to upgrade to an HDMI-switching receiver. I think I've narrowed it down to 3 choices. I'm likely to roll the dice and go the refurb. route, as I've heard almost nothing but good things.

1) Denon 3313ci $780
2) Marantz SR5007 $600
3) Marantz SR7005 $900

I like the greater number of HDMI, both in and out on the Denon, but the Marantz models have multi-channel analog in, which I kind of dig for SACD (I'm ok not having EQ). If I were go to with the 5007, it would be with an eye toward a multi-channel amp, likely the XPA-5 from Emotiva.

Besides 4K, which I don't see as being necessary for my use any time soon - see above note regarding the new TV - is there a difference between the XXX5 and XXX7 Marantz models? Otherwise, does anybody else know of anything off the top of their head that should sway my decision one way or the other? 7005 worth $120 more than the 3313? Pretty vague I realize, and I don't think I would regret whichever way I go, but any and all input would be appreciated.
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