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olfac87's Avatar olfac87 09:58 PM 02-09-2013
I was watching a blu ray (Dark Knight Rises). About 2/3 through the main speakers started turning off. The center and rears seemed to have no problem. I paused the blu ray player for 5-10 seconds and then hit play again. The main speakers would come back for a short amount of time (30 second to 2 minutes) and then cut off again. Pause, play, sound, no sound...rinse and repeat.

My setup:

Oppo 103 --> Marantz SR5007 --> Krell KAV-250p (home theater bypass) --> Bryston 9B-SST --> PSB Synchrony One towers

Any ideas? My system is new to me (less than a week old all put together) so any help would be appreciated. I will cross-post this to a few other places.

rnatalli's Avatar rnatalli 06:01 AM 02-10-2013
First, check your cables. Also try setting the Oppo to output pcm instead of bitstream.
olfac87's Avatar olfac87 06:24 AM 02-10-2013
Originally Posted by rnatalli View Post

First, check your cables. Also try setting the Oppo to output pcm instead of bitstream.

Thanks. I will look for this setting in the Oppo. Is there any hit to performance by changing this?
olfac87's Avatar olfac87 07:38 AM 02-10-2013
Update: I checked the cable connections and changed to LPCM. The sound cut out almost immediately. I also changed discs (put in Terminator 2). I put the Oppo back to "Auto" for the HDMI audio. The only other change I made was setting my center speaker to SMALL on the Marantz. I was able to watch about 45 minutes of Terminator without any sound disruptions. Still waiting to see if this holds. Except the only change I made at this point was on the Marantz.
olfac87's Avatar olfac87 06:04 AM 02-21-2013
Update #2: It looks like it was the Marantz. I hooked up speakers directly to the FL/FR Outputs (instead of running the mains through the Krell) and with both my Oppo and older DVD player the sound cut out to the mains after a certain amount of time. Marantz was great, giving me a return authorization and a new unit is on its way. We'll see if it solves the problem.
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