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Hello Everyone... Thanks in advance for any advice you may have... I'll try to be as thorough as possible in my descriptions and background info without making it cumbersome to read...

Television: Panasonic 65" (ST50)
Media: Tivo HD & PS3
Room specs: the room is wider than deep (about 20' wide by 13' deep) with the way I plan to set everything up (wall-mounted television); two relatively large cutout window things that open to other rooms.

Background Info

This is my first real home theater set-up. I've been using the tv speakers on my Samsung LCD for the past four years. Anything I buy will obvsiouly sound better. I had thought about going with an Onkyo HTIB, but the price of the 5400 is near $400 (has been as low as $260). I figured it would just be better to spend a bit extra and get the receiver & speakers separate.


I'm pretty set on getting the Energy Take Classic 5.1 package. Outstanding reviews (from pros and regular customers). I was able to hear them in a store and they sounded very nice, although store setup is nowhere close to ideal setting for getting a reliable read. The package can be had for $299 every so often, so there's that.

Receiver Wants/Needs

These are the features I'm most interested in (it's not much, because I realize a number of these do a lot of the same things):
  • 4-6 HDMI ports
  • strong audio calibration assistance
  • outstanding audio/video processing, as I watch a lot of movies

Features that are nice, but I can live without:
  • Airplay
  • built-in Pandora/Rhapsody
  • Multi-zone

Receivers I'm looking at (price point):
  1. Denon AVR-1912 ($400)
  2. Pioneer VSX-1022K ($239)
  3. Yamaha RX-V573 ($350)
  4. Onkyo TX-NR 414 ($230)
  5. Onkyo TX-NR 515 ($290)
  6. Onkyo TX-NR 616 ($379)

So which receiver is probably the best option for my current situation (first home theater set-up; pairing with strong speakers)? I'm very impressed with what I've read and heard out of the Denon receivers, but is the price jump from one of the Pioneer 1022 or the Onkyo 414/515 to the Denon 1912/1913 or Yamaha worth it in my case? I can see myself being able to replace a receiver in a coupe of years (building a better set-up) rather than replacing speakers (budget is always contrained; been saving up for five years!).

Thank you for any assistance and advice you can offer...

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Pioneer 1022 not but 1122 yes. Onkyo only 616. The 515 does not has very nice things that 616 does. Skip That Yamaha. Denon 1912 its ok. I highly recommend Pioneer 1122 or Onkyo 616.
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Old 02-17-2013, 12:33 AM
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The Pioneer VSX-1122 is the receiver you basically want but you said something about being new and that is why I am hesitant to recommend it. Pioneers are not very hard to use but their remotes and setups are a little more difficult, as are the instructions. Also, the room correction (MCACC) does not EQ the sub and has a lot more ways to tweak it, but it is not as "simple" as Audessey. If you are willing to learn the Pioneer, I think the performance will spank most of the receivers in your budget, yet you will have to learn more to get the best out of it. You can always get help with that here, so I would not worry much about that. It would be my choice in your budget.

If you want to hook it up, calibrate it with the room correction, and then go the Onkyo 616 would be your best bet if you want an easy to setup receiver that will do everything you want. The controller is easier to use, as is the setup in total. Audessey basically does everything for you but you want to read on here as well how to get the best performance out of your system. Often the auto setup will set your front speakers to large (which should only be used if you are using 2 speakers in stereo with no subwoofer) and you would want to switch all speakers to small.

Either of these would make you pretty happy, but it is a more tweak-able powerhouse (Pioneer) vs an easier to operate receiver that would still give you good performance (Onkyo) with nice features.
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I have a Pioneer VSX-1020-K, which works fine for me, but no experience with the models you mention. I'm looking at feature lists for the 1022 and 1122, and I don't really see what is wrong with your selection of the 1022, despite what the previous respondents have said.

I think MCACC, the Pioneer calibration program, is easy to use, provided you're not tempted to use its extra options and flexibility (as compared with Audyssey). I mean to say, the extra options in MCACC may introduce some complexity, but you don't need to use them.

Greg Lee
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The Denon is the only model of the bunch that will be able to auto EQ the sub using Audyssey MultEQ while the Onkyo models use the more basic version of Audyssey 2EQ which cannot EQ the sub at all and also has 1/2 as many speaker control points used for the EQ process as does MultEQ.

Also note that forum sponsor Monoprice now offers a Monoprice rebranded Energy Take Classic 5.1 setup for a bit less then what you'll pay otherwise ....


Also note that with an entry level setup as the Take 5.1, you'll want to upgrade your speakers before you upgrade the AVR, upgrading the front speakers and sub first if doing in waves for budget purposes.
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I just bought the denon 1713 for the mono takes 5.1 and am very pleased with it. Very smal room and a second ht. I would have bought the onkyo 515 but it seemed to have some reliability issues. I currently own an 818 and love it.
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The Denon 1913 only has multeq whereas the 1713 and 2113 have multeq xt. Those would be my picks.
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