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Well, maybe not the ultimate, but you get the drift....

Room EQ is, IMO, the single most important differentiator between comparable receivers. Yet, there is very little information on how the various schemes compare to each other, how well they deal with taming the average room acoustics and in general, which ones work and which ones don't.

My personal experience is fairly limited: I've tried Audyssey XT (not XT32), Trinnov (the Sherwood R972 implementation) and MCACC, Microsoft's built-in room correction, as well as a couple of versions of Velodyne's built-in sub correction.

In my environment, every one of the above showed some improvement, but the one which stood head and shoulders above the others was the Trinnov. It was the most time-consuming to set up, but once the calibration was done, it provided hands down the best acoustic environment I have ever experienced in my TV room (which is, admittedly, pretty tough to tame -- floor to ceiling glass walls on two sides, hardwood floors and minimal furniture, resulting in significant lower frequencies resonance)

While all the others improved things to a varying degree, Trinnov is the only scheme which managed to make the room sound right. So, I love what Trinnov does.

Unfortunately, Sherwood has discontinued the R972 and I don't see any other receiver implementations of Trinnov on the horizon. So, I am thinking, what will I do if my R972 gives up the ghost?

I know there are also Anthem's ARC (which generally gets good reviews, Yamaha, Lexicon, Sony.... Sony has me actually intrigued as they appear to be doing something akin to Trinnov with their DCAC EX's speaker relocation and stereo calibration microphone. But again, there is virtually no information about it, other than the marketing materials.

It's amazing that there is so little information about Room Correction. There is even less in terms of meaningful comparisons between different schemes.

So, I thought to start this thread and see if others have more insight. Or, if anyone is actually interested smile.gif
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While I've used both MCACC and AudysseyXT I never did an a/b with the same speakers in the same room (and that would be hard to do properly, without the appropriate switch gear). I think I like the Audyssey better but it has bass management so hard to compare (and I've added subs since the time I had MCACC plus a different speaker set in that room). I did not know MCACC had anything to do with Microsoft, except to use a PC in conjunction with it, thought MCACC was simply Pioneer's thing. Microsoft developed it for them? I'd like to try that Trinnov but the limited features of the R972 and some reported problems kinda scared me off at the time.
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Did you mean Pioneer's MCACC?

No subwoofer I've heard has been able to produce the bass I've experienced in the Corps!

Must..stop...buying...every bluray release...
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The problem would be that the same room and setup would have to be used for the comparison much like a sub shoot-out.
Then the rec 's in the setup would need to be close power wise as not to cause bias do to weak or strong amp section.
Then you would need several people to judge as we all perceive the difference as better the same or worse.
I would also like to know if the standalone sub eq does a better job as has been reported elsewhere such as the anti-mode 8033 or the Velodyne SMS-1 over XT32.
If my budget permitted I would attempt this project so in the meantime I tend to listen to people like FilmMixer which has tried almost every flagship out there worth trying and I believe he is currently using a Pioneer SC-67.
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I have only a negative contribution. I wish in considering this question (which certainly does interest me), people would get off the kick of either (1) paraphrasing manufacturers' claims, or (2) comparing the process of calibration rather than the result. For (2), consider this typical comment:
The YPAO included in the top Yamaha RX A3010 Aventage receiver is pretty impressive. In addition to using multiple positions for calibration and calibrationg two subwoofers independently, it also measures the angle of the speakers and makes suggestion to make corrections if the angles are not the same. Considering that the Yamha 3010 receiver supports 11.2 speakers, that is pretty impressive.
Notice there is nothing said here about whether calibration actually improves the sound. If the calibration procedure recommends you do a certain number of pushups before each of your speakers, would you say, wow, how great is that! Other receivers don't tell me about pushups to be done during calibration!

Greg Lee
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There are a couple of prior threads on this topic

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