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edward-k's Avatar edward-k 03:23 PM 02-18-2013
I am trying to put together a reasonably priced sound system for our family room. I plan on only setting up 3.1 for the time being and adding the rears later on. 80% of the use will be TV/Movies, 10% video games, 10% music. Room is a 18x18 two store family room that opens up to the kitchen. I picked up a RXV-573 last week at Best Buy at a great price of $320, also picked up a pair of Polk TSI-300s, Polk CS10 Center and a PSW110. Have not even unpacked them yet, but started to wonder if i should have purchased a step up to better speakers. Polk is currently running a special for a free sub, so i priced out what an upgrade to TSI400s, CS20, and PSW125 would be, only about 175$ more for the speaker upgrade. Not sure if i need the nicer speakers but seemed like a nice upgrade for not a lot of money, Anyways, when i was talking to the sales guy about the speakers, he really suggested upgrading my received to either a Yamaha 773 or Denon 2110 - he felt the speakers would be way underpowered by the RXV 573. I am a novice, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...THanks in advance ED

rnatalli's Avatar rnatalli 05:23 AM 02-19-2013
I would consider the Denon 2113 as it uses multeq xt whereas the 1913 only has multeq.
Badouri's Avatar Badouri 08:51 AM 02-19-2013
he felt the speakers would be way underpowered by the RXV 573

Thread i started
wader2k's Avatar wader2k 02:11 PM 02-19-2013
Not sure about the 573, but I just bought the 673 and it rocks. It will drive reasonably efficient speakers to high volume in my 14 x 22 foot room.
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