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gixxerjunky's Avatar gixxerjunky 10:42 PM 02-21-2013
Just got a new 60GT50 and this is my first 3D tv. I then understand from reason here that my Onkyo HT-R540 will not work with 3D. I have had this surround sound for a long time and I am not up to date on any of the new technology. So what budget reciever can I pick up that will sound good and work with 3D. I don't need anything very expensive but I want it to sound good. I also want to add a stronger sub to the system. The Onkyo sub sounds good but deeper bass is always better.

I have been searching but like I said I am so out if the loop a lot of the things I find don't make a lot of sense.

GaryWA's Avatar GaryWA 10:45 PM 02-21-2013
What does the rest of your system look like?
gixxerjunky's Avatar gixxerjunky 11:00 PM 02-21-2013

Right now I just have the left,right, center, and sub connected. Due to my tv being in a corner and don't have a clue how to fit the other 4 speakers in. The sub is behind the tv with the port facing the corner. This system was a box set from circuit city like 5 years ago or longer.
gixxerjunky's Avatar gixxerjunky 11:13 PM 02-21-2013
Room dimensions are 16 feet wide and 27 feet long and 11 foot ceilings. It is so long because its connected to my dining room and only has a small divider wall to split it up.

The speakers are 130W at 8ohm
Knucklehead90's Avatar Knucklehead90 01:42 AM 02-22-2013
You could bypass your current AVR with the HDMI cable going directly to the TV for now. Find out if 3D is the big deal you've been waiting for. Use the optical connection from the DVD player to the AVR for audio. You won't get the latest HD audio but you will be able to try out the 3D. IMO the HD audio isn't that big a deal.

You'll get much better sound from those speakers if they are level with your ears when you are at your listening position. And those hardwood floors look great but the reflections off it are another real sound quality killer.
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