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LukeHo's Avatar LukeHo 06:49 PM 03-03-2013
I'll bet this is an easy answer for someone out there. I just got a new Onkyo TX NR414 receiver and pared it with my new Visia E601i-A1 LED T.V. I am learning the ropes. We downloaded "Argo" in HD 5.1 from Amazon Sat night. However, my display was telling me the source was "PCM 2.0". Shouldn't a movie downloaded in HD 5.1play in HD 5.1 on my receiver? The receiver picks up HD 5.1 from my Blu-Ray DVD player. And how about HD 5.1 television broadcast OTA? I'm getting that in PCM 2.0 as well even when supposedly the broadcast is HD 5.1. Excuse my ignorance, I am still learning. Can anyone give me an education? Thanks.

Ross Ridge's Avatar Ross Ridge 06:58 PM 03-03-2013
What device are you using watch Argo on and how do you have it connected to your Onkyo receiver. How you have your TV connected to your receiver?
LukeHo's Avatar LukeHo 04:24 PM 03-04-2013
Thanks for the response Ross. I downloaded Argo from Amazon directly to the Visio t.v. via Cat5 cable. The t.v. is connected to the Onkyo receiver via a single HDMI cable using the ARC feature. I am wondering if I should connect the t.v. to the receiver with an optical cable for sound instead of the HDMI. Any thoughts?
BIslander's Avatar BIslander 04:59 PM 03-04-2013
Many Vizio TVs have a setting that controls whether the TV outputs stereo or DD 5.1. I'd start by checking that setting.
LukeHo's Avatar LukeHo 06:43 PM 03-04-2013
BIslander, you win the prize! You are correct. I fumbled through the Visio settings and saw that I had it set up to output PCM 2.0. I changed it to Dolby and all is now good with the world! Thank you!
BIslander's Avatar BIslander 06:55 PM 03-04-2013
LukeHo's Avatar LukeHo 07:04 PM 03-04-2013
BIslander, can you take another question from this noob?

I am extremely pleased with our new system, but the icing on the cake would be to make it wife friendly. I bought a Harmony 650 remote which I think ultimately will do the trick. I haven't opened the box yet. My question in short: 1). Should I keep my current set up using the CEC/ARC features of the Visio and AVR, then program the Harmony or 2) Disable the CEC/ARC features, add Optical audio connection from Visio to AVR, then program the Harmony? I have heard that the CEC/ARC features can sometimes have problems with some remotes. Does it even matter? Thank you!

My current setup is OTA antenna connected directly to the Visio. HDMI from Visio to AVR. Blu-Ray player connected to the AVR. That's it.
BIslander's Avatar BIslander 08:21 PM 03-04-2013
I am a big believer in Harmony, CEC not so much.

We have older equipment - a non HDMI receiver, four disc players, ATV, Roku, cable box, and an HDMI switch. That makes for a lot of independent input switching on the receiver and the TV. With a Harmony, everyone in the family, including my ten year old daughter, can easily watch whatever they want. Press one button, all of the right devices power up and switch to the correct inputs, and the buttons on the Harmony are set to perform the necessary functions. All of the device remotes are in a drawer. The Harmony may be our single best piece of AV gear.

I have no personal experience with CEC, given the age of our AVR, but all the posts I see about flaky performance make me leery of that approach.
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