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I am about to buy a new receiver. I am stuck between two; either the Denon AVR-2313 or the Harman/Karedon 2700. I mainly use the receiver for TV, DVD's Blu Rays. My speakers are 4 JBL Studio 530, 1 JBL Studio 520C centre channel and 1 JBL Studio 550P Subwoofer. I would appreceiate any answers. I was thinking maybe the Harman 2700 as the JBL Speakers are made by harman. Low volume listening is why I'm interested in the Denon with the Audyssey Multi, EQ, plus the Reference Level offset.
Which AV receiver would you choose, and why?

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First, I'm interested in your opinion of the new JBLs.

Second, the new HK AVRs are kind of an unknown at this point. The best you're going to do with regards to how it "may" be is to read the thread on the 1700. It shares the same basic design and amp.

The 2313 is a known entity, so, again read the threads.

I have an older HK AVR 1600 which I like a lot. If I were to upgrade I would look at the new 2700/3700 but not at their current price. Both need to come down at least $200 IMO to be competitive.

If I needed to buy an AVR today, it would be the Pioneer SC-1222k. IMO currently the best value in AVRs going. About $530 from NewEgg.
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I love the JBL's. Now that I've been using them since December 2012 they sound even better. Fills the room with clean quality sound, very nice. I read the review in 'what hifi' mag in the uk which gave nothing but praise and I new I had to check them out. They match up perfectly with the sub550p subwoofer. I especially love that watching movies at low volumes you hear everything, all of the vocals are heard and very clear. Plus I love the funky look.
All of the reviews I've read on the HK 1700 are positive, I'm guessing the 2700 should be even better, dolby volume sounds like it could be interesting. Currently I have a pioneer vsx-1120. I used to have the klipsch cinema 8 speaker system which at the time was ok, but the JBL series 5 is on another level. JBL's are made by Harman which make the HK receivers. I've read that the new SMPS power supplies use technology from Crown amps which are wicked good. I'm sure the HK amplifiers are much better than the class AB pioneers. I am looking for quality sound, all the bells and whistles aren't what I'm looking for. I also hear Logic 7 is much better than dolby prologic?
The Denon avr-2313 or pioneer SC-61 are 2 more receivers I'm thinking about. I hate that if you modify the audyssey speaker settings on the denon multi eq and dynamic volume is turned off. Hate the denon for that reason. System will mainly be used for movies / tv. I can get the pioneer sc-51 for about $1100, the denon for $865 and the HK for $895. Which av receiver would you buy?
I decided to buy the hk 2700. I absolutely love it. It matchhes up perfectly with the JBL studio 5 speakers. Whoever complains about the HK 2700 must be doing something wrong because the sound is on another level compared to the pio.
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