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Hi all, just wondering what people tend to use the 2nd HDMI output for? Obviously the first one is for the TV. i'm researching Receivers as I might have to buy one so i'm wondering if I should get one with 2 HDMI outputs or not. thanks
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A television for regular viewing and a projector for movie night is one situation.

Another possibility is piping video into another room.
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The higher entry level receivers only duplicate the outgoing signal to two HDMI ports. So it can be used for something like these two scenarios.

1. Medium to large LCD/plasma in the living room for everyday casual tv watching. Then a drop down projector screen that will cover the LCD for serious movie watching or sporting events.

2. Duplicate a game on both the living room TV and the patio TV.

For this case I would get a lower level receiver and then an HDMI splitter from that will do the same thing for much less $$$.

High end receivers can output two different signals and therefore display two different things on two different TVs. This kinda bridges the gap line between receiver and whole home automation.

Hope this helps
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