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mike9186's Avatar mike9186 05:58 PM 03-24-2013
I have the opportunity to pick up either one of these units and the price differential will be small ($200 more for the Onkyo). I've done my research and wanted to solicit the opinions of the forum. I am replacing an old ARCAM AVR250 from 2004 that recently toasted the DSP board. The ARCAM sounded so good I would often sit there dumbfounded thinking that it would cost many thousands of dollars more to even remotely improve on the sound quality.

All I care about is sound quality for a 5.2 theater (Using Monitor Audio Gold GS20's and GSLCR). I do not care about features. I own a Sonos system for whole house audio so I do not care about any of the streaming features.

So based solely on the audio performance (The theater is small so the difference in wattage is not relevant) which one would y'all recommend.

I am leaning toward the Marantz.....

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 06:34 PM 03-24-2013
The Onkyo uses the more advanced version of Audyssey MultEQ XT32 which can EQ your dual subs while the Marantz uses MultEQ XT which EQs the subs as a single sub.
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