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Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post
Although I can certainly understand your frustration, many thousands of X2000 owners are extremely happy with their units, likely experiencing no issues what so ever, not to mention a strong rating from Amazon reviews as well. Additionally, at this level, the Denon audio quality is likely superior to Yamaha's similar level models that can't even EQ the subwoofer. With a sub setting of -12db, you'll need to lower the gain knob on the BIC sub to about 7-9 o'clock and run Audyssey again until the setting is closer to 0db than to -12db.
The BIC F12 sub doesn't have a gain knob, just crossover and volume. I lowered the volume from 5 (middle) to 3. Audyssey is still setting the subwoofer level to -12 dB.

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What you are referring to as the "volume" is actually the "gain". The objective is to not have the sub set to -12db so lower the "volume" to 2 and if that still doesn't work, then lower it to 1.

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Which Denon models can use rack ears?

Not the full $80 shelf, just ear brackets.

Any of them?

I have some rack mounted components that all shipped with the ears - UPS, distributed audio system components, PDUs. I have a 3808, which isn't in the rack, but I think that may have shipped with ears too.

I'll probably just end up using a shelf, but thought I'd ask.

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Heads Up on Good Price on X4000 1 Left

I just purchased an X4000 for $599 from an Amazon retailer (IQ Entertainment). The receiver has a full new warranty and this is an authorized dealer. I have purchased from this company before and was very pleased with the speakers i received. They were sold as "used- open box" but I couldn't tell the difference from being brand new. Not at all affiliated with this company-just passing on a deal I found.
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Don't want to stray too far off topic but does anyone here have a newer Vizio m series tv! I'm considering the M702I-B3 but have read about some audio sync issues with certain receivers and even sound bars. I have an x3000 on the way and I am hoping the two play nice together (if I decide to get the Vizio).
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Another update on the Dolby Digital Plus (Netflix) issue, for those interested:

The Denon customer service rep that I spoke to on Monday called me back yesterday with an update on the additional testing he did with one of their X4000 units they have available for debugging these types of issues. He said that he was clearly able to reproduce the issue with some of the Netflix content I pointed him to and that it was an issue with the way the receiver is handling this particular format. He said that the next step would be for him to elevate the issue to the development team and that they would try to determine the cause (firmware or hardware). After they identify the cause and path towards a solution I should receive a call back, which should hopefully be within 1-2 weeks.

Based on this feedback, it seems as though this issue is caused by something in the firmware or possibly even the hardware design of the receiver, so it's quite likely that all of the 2013 X-series have the issue. Given that this issue has persisted through a firmware update that was intended to address these DD+ decoding issues, I'm not how confident I am that a simple firmware update will be able to resolve this, especially if Denon has been aware of the issue since July. In the meantime, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that someone really is already working on the fix as HMNavy was told earlier.
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