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Originally Posted by rogersmj View Post
I think I've found a super weird bug in my X4000.

I set Zone 2 to Network and started playing some music on my iPhone and AirPlayed it to the X4000. Works fine. Then I switch the main zone over to watch TV via my cable box, while leaving zone 2 on Network. I get video on my TV, but the sound in the main zone is really, really low. When I try to turn it up using the remote, it won't let me -- the number starts to increase, but then snaps back down to where it was (around 9 -- barely audible).

Meanwhile, the zone 2 audio (which is using a separate amp, by the way) is still playing just fine. THEN...I adjust the volume of the music playing from my iPhone...and the main zone input's volume changes. The main zone input which is set to CABLE/SAT via HDMI. Not Network. So it's effectively ignoring the volume commands I send it from it's own remote control for the main zone, and responding to volume commands sent via my iPhone to zone 2. Brilliant.

Any suggestions? I've power cycled everything of course and got the same behavior.

So it appears I can't play AirPlay music in one zone while watching TV in another, unless I don't care about hearing the TV audio in the main zone. Yet again, the X4000's bugginess is making me wonder why I paid $1000 for this thing. It already completely failed in giving me a second TV monitor output for the main zone like it's supposed to; I had to buy a cheap HDMI splitter, which worked where the Denon failed. Now this fun with the AirPlay input.
When doing a soft reset, it's best to leave power disconnected for 10 minutes. If still no joy, a hard reset is the next step.

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^^^ Thanks!

Peace... Vader

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