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Hey everyone I am new to getting tower speakers and using receivers but have done alot of reading on the tech specs, here is my question that need some help on. I currently have a yamaha rxv573 receiver with Klipsch quintet IV speakers set up, I am now looking to upgrade to the Klipsh Reference speakers and having a 5.1 set up. My room is a 20 x 20 and the I am looking at getting the RF 82 II for the fronts, along the center and backs as well as the RW 112 powered subwoofer. However I have noticed that my receiver is only 115w per channel at 8 ohms and most likely will be less with more channels driven, and these speakers are 150W RMS and 600W peek I believe, so I was thinking the best thing to do to make sure they all get the necessary power to be efficient is to get a Receiver that has preouts and then using the preouts run the wire through a dedicated amp like the Emotiva XPA-5 to run all 5 speakers, according to the site and reviews this device will run all 5 channels at 200w per channel at 8 ohms which would be more than enough to drive them efficiently. Since my sub has it's own dedicated amp I won't need to connect that to the XPA. My other question is what is the best gauge wire to use for these? Also any other reccomendations or suggestions? I have the apple tv for my music and the tivo dvr, xbox 360 and ps3 and they all use hdmi and are run through the receiver to my Sharp Aquos 47" LED HDTV. As far as the receiver goes I would like something that has all the standard decoders along with atleast 4 HDMI inputs and preouts for me to connect to the amp then to speakers. I currently have about 2,500 saved up towards buying these and will likely be calling companies to get some discounts and compare deals, right now this is what my bill is gonna look like based on MSRP. I was orignially thinking of biamping the front speakers but I think that down the road it would be more efficiant to have an external amp powering the speakers and 200w per channel they would have more than enough power to play. I will be using these speakers mostly for music, movies, and occasionally gaming.

Klipsch RF 82 II x 2 = $1,100
Klipsch RC 62 II x 1 = $550
Klipsch RW 112 x 1 = $350
Klipsch RS 52 II x 2 = $850
Emotiva XPA-5 x 1 = $899

Total so far = 3,749 and however much the receiver will end up costing lol.
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I am currently running a Yamaha rx-a3010 receiver with my gear, connected to an ATI AT 2007 amplifier with all Klipsch speakers. Any higher end Denon, Yamaha, or Panasonic receiver will work with or without external amps as long as if using the receiver it is rated at 140 watts or above. The Klipsch are very efficient speakers and easy to drive. If you look at amazon you can get an RX-A3010 for pretty reasonable as its last years model but that said it was still Yamaha's flagship for the year. I get to seriously loud levels with the Yamaha at -30 on the volume scale. In fact it works so well I bought my wife a RX-A3010 at Christmas and she loves it and it drives her polks with ease, but again the Klipsch are even more efficient then the polks.

My setup

ATI AT 2007 amplifier (200X7)
Yamaha RX-A3010
Klipsch RF 63 (main)
Klipsch RB 61 II (front heighth)
Klipsch RC 62 II (Center)
Klipsch RS 52 II (surround)
Klipsch RS 52 II (surround back)

Yamaha CX-A5000, ATI AT 2007 Amp, ATI AT 2004 Amp, Klipsch La Scala II- Main, RB 61's - Front heights, RC-62 - Center, RS-62's - Surround, RS-52's - Rear Surround, 2 Rythmik DS-1510 DIY Subwoofers each connected with Antimode Dual Core 2, Oppo BDP-95, MMF-7.1, Project Phono Box RS, XBox 360, XBox One, Oppo HA-1, TEAC PD-501HR transport, Atech Fabrication 7000 fanless HTPC and TASCAM DA-3000 SS Recorder, Kramer VS-88A Matrix Switch, Rogue Audio Pharaoh Int amp, Sony HAPZ1-ES
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I would look at the sensitivity (measured in db/w at 1 meter) and distances. Generally horns are quite efficient speakers, so I'd hold off on getting a new receiver or amps until you verify that what you've got already isn't up to snuff. I'm guessing you could blow your ears off with your current receiver.

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