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04-13-2013 | Posts: 6
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I've got a yamaha 3010 and I was wanting to pair it with a a pair of polk A9 and was wanting to know if anyone has done this and are they happy with the results. I've read the A9 likes a lot of power.
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04-13-2013 | Posts: 702
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Your Yamaha has more than enough power for these speakers. 750 at amazon right now. Polk makes great sounding speakers, doubt you will be disappointed.
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Yamaha RX-A3010 is about as good as it gets for commercial amps these days.

Soundandvision did 162 W into 2 channels at 8 ohms, and 258W x 2 into 4 ohms.

Compare this to a $2000 stereo amp like the Harman Kardon HK 990, which does about 180 W x 2 into 8 ohms and 300W x 2 into 4 ohms...you'd have to get something like a 70-80lb amp before you start getting significantly better performance.
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