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DarkLad's Avatar DarkLad 11:42 AM 04-29-2013
Hi, I'm totally noob and new into this cool.gif today I bought :

1. Rotel rsp 1066

2. Rotel rmp 1075 x (2)

3. Definitive technology powerfield subwoofer x (2)

4. 7 KEF speakers ( 2xQ7 2xQ5 2xQ3 and 1x9C)

With no RCA cables, I need help with wiring the system, for example each speaker has LF and HF terminals which one I should use ?
and how many RCA cables I need ?


Selden Ball's Avatar Selden Ball 12:21 PM 04-29-2013
You'll need at least 9 RCA cables:

You need 1 RCA cable for each speaker channel -- 7 for the main speakers and one for each of the subwoofers. The main speaker RCA cables go between the processor and the amplifiers and all 7 would be approximately the same length, since the two amps would be approximately the same distance from the processor. (3-6 feet, probably) The RCA cables running to the subwoofers will be quite a bit longer and likely would be different lengths, depending on where you put the subs. (15-30 feet, maybe).

Depending on what your input devices are, you might need two RCA cables for each of them, too.

Each speaker should already have two visible external jumpers installed between the HF and LF binding posts -- one jumper between HF and LF on the + side and one between HF and LF on the - side. If the jumpers are missing and you can't easily get replacements, you can use standard speaker wire to connect between the binding posts. Once the jumpers are installed, it doesn't matter if you connect the amplifier to the HF or LF binding posts.

The wires used between the amplifiers and the speakers are not RCA. They're stranded speaker cables. Most people use 16 gauge.
DarkLad's Avatar DarkLad 12:30 PM 04-29-2013
Originally Posted by Selden Ball View Post

one for each of the subwoofers.

My subs has 3 inputs ( High level in - LEF in - reg input which is the white + red ) which one should I use ? shoudl I use the LEF in ?

and thanks a lot
Selden Ball's Avatar Selden Ball 12:39 PM 04-29-2013
Use the LFE connection. The processor will be handling the bass management. The LFE connection bypasses the (unnecessary) bass management circuits built into the subwoofers. (It's there so the subs can be used with two-channel equipment which doesn't have bass management.)
DarkLad's Avatar DarkLad 12:53 PM 04-29-2013
Thanks for your time and help.
Selden Ball's Avatar Selden Ball 12:59 PM 04-29-2013
You're very welcome.
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