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musicmorepower3's Avatar musicmorepower3 11:27 AM 05-16-2013
I am in the market for a new power amplifier. I am currently using the NAD 218THX to drive my completely restored MGIIc. I use 2 Definitive Technology Super Cube II for my low end. I have about a $2000 budget and was considering the following:

Emotiva XPR 2
Jung Son DA-300IA

Any suggestions and /or reviews of these would be helpful in this EPIC decision process, I intend to swap out my Maggies with Martian Logan’s ESL.

DonH50's Avatar DonH50 12:43 PM 05-16-2013
I don't know anything about the Jungson. Not sure I would pay about 2x the price compared to an XPA-2, however. Speaking of which, an XPR-2 seems like overkill for MG-II's. I have MG-III's and my XPA-2 is more than enough. I did not notice any difference when I switched from an XPA-3 to the XPA-2, for that matter. And I don't need 20 A lines (even though that is what I have in my media room).

ESL's drop in impedance at HF, making them a fairly difficult load. The ribbon tweeter in Maggies also drops the impedance, but only to about 3 ohms, whilst many ESLs drop below 2 ohms by 20 kHz. Not usually a concern as little power is used up at 20 kHz, but you need to ensure the amp is stable into low loads. ML claims their ESLs work with most any amp and that is probably true these days. I would not worry about either the Emotiva or Jungson.

I suppose if you really want power, you could get a pair of XPA-1's for about $2k. That's what I would do if I did not need the money for something else.
musicmorepower3's Avatar musicmorepower3 01:25 PM 05-16-2013
Here are thespecs on the Jungson:

1153.jpg 99k .jpg file •Jungson's unique fully symmetric and non-negative feedback and Balanced output design
•Enormous 300W Class AB output power - suitable all year around
•(1) set of Balanced (XLR) and (3) sets of un-balanced (RCA) inputs
•(2) pair of RCA Line Out
•(2) sets of speaker binding posts
•Brand name components throughout: including High-Class 500,000 uF filter capacitors (Japan), coupling capacitors (Japan), Sanken semiconductors - 12 pairs (Japan), and Jensen cabling (Denmark)
•Jungson's 680 VA patented low noise square transformer
•Beautiful blue LED front meters that can be turned on/off as you wish
•Stepped Japanese high bandwidth volume control with multi function remote control

•Power: 300W per channel (Class AB, RMS 8 Ohms), 600W/4 Ohms
•THD:< 0.02% (1 kHz/1W)
•S/N ratio: > 100 dB
•Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (± 0.5dB)
•Input impedance: 100k Ohms
•Output impedance: 4-8 Ohms
•Color: Black aluminum casing + Silver aluminum front panel
•Size (LxWxH): 20" D x 16" W x 10" H
•Weight: 38 kg / 84 lbs
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max1's Avatar max1 09:35 PM 05-16-2013
That is one nice looking amp (Jung). If you don't mind a B stock emotiva they are having a heck of a sell (watehouse sell) You will need to call them. The XPR-2 is going for $1175 while the mono blocks are $1050 a piece. I have the monos running a pair of martin Logan vantages and I can tell you they are awsome. Cant go wrong with 1.7k watts a piece. Same warranty as new applies.
musicmorepower3's Avatar musicmorepower3 04:41 AM 05-17-2013
Wow! 1050. Do you have a separate 20amp circuit for each one?
max1's Avatar max1 09:22 PM 05-17-2013
Nope. I'm using a furman adapter on the 15 amp outlets. Have yet to trip the breaker. I can tell you I'm enjoying the 1's very much. I would advice you call them as soon as you get a chance. The sale is not advertised and know they will sale quick. The XPR-2 was selling for $1175 but sold out the quick.
DonH50's Avatar DonH50 05:10 PM 05-18-2013
That implies you are not using them anywhere near their limits... I still think the OP would be fine with an XPA-2 but whatever.
max1's Avatar max1 10:29 PM 05-18-2013
That is correct Don,

I've played them at high levels and haven't tripped the breaker yet. The XPA-2 is fine amp as well and served me well. However with the sale prices its hard to pass up on the XPR line. I've also had the XPA- 1 to my ears the XPR-1 sound a tad better. Either way I'm sure the OP will be happy.
musicmorepower3's Avatar musicmorepower3 09:22 AM 05-23-2013
Well I have decided on 2 XPA-1, unfortunately I missed out on the warehouse deal. The guy I was supposed to buy the Martin Logan ESL sold them to someone else, however this puts in another situation of decision. A good friend of mine is selling a pair of Martin Logan Ascent, MGIIIA and a pair of Carver Amazing Loud speaker. I never listened to any of these and I am unable to audition these because my friend lives in Chicago, has anyone had any experience with these models and any recommendations and or comparison between the three.

DonH50's Avatar DonH50 01:02 PM 05-23-2013
I have not heard Ascents but have heard several other ML ESL models, I have heard Carver's Amazing ribbon speaker but long ago (that is a pretty old system), and I own and currently use MG-IIIa's (also very old speakers). The Carver probably sounds fairly similar to the Magnepans, while the ML with the built-in woofer may provide the best bass extension and integration though the Carver is probably very close (and likely has more of it), with the MG-IIIa's in third for bass (edit -- just checked specs and the Ascents only claim 35 Hz, I thought they went lower). Older Magnepans can have delamination issues, and ribbon tweeter damage. Magnepan will recondition them for around $1k last I checked. The Carvers, while purportedly more robust, may have rips in the ribbon elements and may be harder to repair if needed. The Ascents are hardest to drive, and if too old may need some component replacement in the HV circuit, but may be newer and if so those are probably what I would choose even though properly working or reconditioned any of the three would be great.

You should post in the speaker forum.
johnplayerson's Avatar johnplayerson 02:58 PM 11-28-2014
The Jung son Amplifiers do look very attractive, but are higher priced lower wattage units with very poor customer support. Forget the Jung son for sure, and enjoy your emotiva overkill.

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